Taurus 2018 Horoscope

Taurus 2018 Overview Horoscope

This remains another building year for you, Taurus, where your applied efforts bring solid and visible effects into your life. The farther along into the year you get the more you can look behind and see precisely how much has been built and is now solidly in place within your life.

Late March through early May bring a lot of extra energy into your immediate environment as Mars does a fast move through bringing purpose and energy to your goals and crack in what had seemed a solid and impenetrable wall. Make good use of this period by watching for and jumping when opportunities roll your way.

The universe is still encouraging going with the flow, especially in the area of work and career and don’t be so set in your ways and intents that something golden and rewarding passes by simply because you refuse to budge.


Saturn remains in your sign the entire year and promises that work applied eventually pays off. Saturn is not the bringer of instant rewards and gratifications but in honesty…those are not generally your favorite things. You need quality, stability and purpose to feel the truth of anything and even more so in the kind of things that Saturn encourages to be built.

Career and job offer promising ways to enhance your finances but, again, you must be willing to venture into territory you might ordinarily ignore and pass up. The key in knowing what is an empowering potential and which is one to turn down is in simply looking to see if you have the necessary qualities to tackle it and not necessarily whether you ‘want’ tot tackle it or not.

Often during Saturn transits we are asked to put our strengths and skills to use even if we would rather not. Security…and growth is at the end of walking that road.

The Best of Times and Good Luck

Jupiter returns to your sign and spends half of the year enhancing and bringing promise to your efforts, Taurus. It acts as Saturn’s little Santa Clause throwing gifts here and there for all the hard work you’ve dived into recently. It helps you take advantage of opportunities by bringing good luck and benevolence into your life and the feeling of support that you need to move onward.

It is always important to avoid over doing anything where Jupiter is transiting and for you that can mean to watch for holding on too tightly to what has been built and what arrives. A little splurge now and then is called for but overindulgence is best avoided.

A time to change…a time to grow

Uranus, the great changer, remains in your solar 10th house and brings in opportunities and change on its dazzling lightning bolts. You are not inherently fond of lightning and what is illuminated often appears too quickly for your comfort.

But it pays to be open to new things which require you use old gifts and at least keeping an open mind to possibilities promises there are exciting and dramatic changes in store in your most visible outer world.

A promotion or other significant change could be in store so make sure that you keep your eyes open and strive to bend just a little more. Nothing calls for sudden and drastic decisions or actions on your part but simply being ready to embrace change and to put into use qualities and attributes which you already possess.

Dreams, fantasies and reality

The above section is further enhanced by Neptune’s presence in your solar 10th house adding more kick and more need to follow the ever changing circuit of life with more flexibility. In some way your dreams are undeniably connected with what is offered in the realm of your outer contacts and perhaps, your employment.

Wherever Neptune rests by transit in your chart is where you are called upon to project your questioning and your seeking inside rather than outside. Makes it all the more complicated doesn’t it Taurus?

Tremendous change is being offered and you have only your own guidance to know which way to turn. This teaches you that we each come with built in maps…and yours will tell you precisely..where to go with what arrives. Dream a little dream and get ready to make it into reality.

Heal me…Free Me

Chiron symbolizes the Wounded/Healer and where it is moving in a chart is where you are most vulnerable and therefore…most empowered to walk away stronger and with a deeper understanding of who you are and what your strengths are as lived and experienced and gained through life. Chiron remains in your 8th house through out the year…house of passions, the occult and truths.

Truths are black and white to you…or they tend not to exist. Well things continue to grab onto your deepest needs and feelings and they force you to reflect and mend and move onward. Passion is no doubt a big part of this year and within it..you can find the most tremendous source of healing that is ever offered.

The Past and the Future

As changes occur on first the inside and now on the outside both regarding your home and public life things will settle down. Routines set back into place through your perseverance (never in short supply) and through your inner efforts.

Where as home has been the strongest touched base of your life in all ways over the last 2 years the influence moves to reconnecting with home and sharing more of what has been built and who the ‘real’ you is residing within it. There are short journeys that play important roles in your future, talks and exchanges and plenty of communication in the upcoming year.

Embrace what has been built…and share the joy you discover with everyone you can.

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