What Sports to Try Out in 2023 Based On Sun Sign

Whether trying to lose weight or just stay in shape, having some helpful tips can definitely make a fitness regimen easier. While most people will talk about specific exercise routines or the latest diet, these things don’t work for everyone.

For an interesting perspective on fitness, try looking at your sign sun for clues. Of course as with any activity, always check with your physician or healthcare provider before you begin a program. Here are some tips for you based on your sun sign.


Highly energetic and competitive, team sports work well for this sign. The more exciting and stimulating the better! Martial arts, surfing, motocross, rollerblading, football, and baseball are some good options for Aries in 2023. Watch out for overdoing it though, as the Aries person isn’t always aware of his or her limits.


Taurus loves dealing with the senses and can have a tendency to become a couch potato if not careful. Use that sensuality as a positive! Bring along great music for a workout and invest in some comfortable workout wear. Cycling, hiking, and golf are good options in 2023 since Taurus can appreciate nature and beautiful scenery. Even gardening can help burn those calories in a fun way!


Always active and multitasking, Gemini likes to be agile. Activities that emphasize variety, quickness, and flexibility are a good choice. Jogging, dancing, aerobics, and tennis are some options. Even a Nordic Track or elliptical machine would work well. Be sure to change things up every now and then to avoid getting stuck in a routine. Gemini’s hate that!


Cancer loves the water so any water-related activity or sport is a good choice. Sailing, swimming, and surfing are obvious choices. Also, consider water aerobics where the water acts as resistance to build strength. Keeps any fitness routine flexible and free-flowing without too many rules. Strict regimentation can be a turn-off for Cancers.


Leos are social creatures so find a workout buddy or group. Games and team sports can appeal to Leos, so baseball, softball, or basketball are some possibilities; especially if Leo is the team captain! Music is also important to a Leo, so dance or aerobics are possibilities. Loving attention, Leos can benefit from dealing with a coach or personal trainer too.


The perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos are designed for endurance sports. They have the drive and detail to go the distance. Marathon running, cross-country skiing, and hiking may appeal to this Virgo in 2023. Even triathlons are a possibility. No matter what activity Virgo chooses, it will be done and done well. Practice makes perfect!


Libra is a social sign and makes a great partner. Hitting the gym with a buddy will definitely keep this sign motivated. Also try sports like tennis, racquetball, squash or golf. Libras also have good balance so activities like gymnastics; dance or even diving should be considered. Appearances are important to Libra, so any athletic facility should be well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing.


Secretive Scorpio tends to be “all or nothing” and strives for a personal best. This sign prefers to exercise alone. Walking, jogging, and lifting weights are some good options. Scorpios can get stressed out and may need to channel anger. In this case, hitting a punching bag, boxing or kickboxing may be in order. Yoga and meditation are also good stress relievers.


Sagittarius is naturally athletic. People under this sign have strength, speed, and coordination. They do well in sports like archery, rock climbing, hiking, and white water rafting or kayaking. Being the sign of the centaur, they also have a special connection with horses. So horseback riding, polo, and equestrian-related sports are natural for them.


Self-disciplined and competitive Capricorn folks can be serious when it comes to fitness. However, they do like to set their own pace, so activities like jogging or golf would be appropriate. They also like to be connected to the earth so outdoor activities like camping, rock climbing, and hiking are good choices. Watch out for stiffness and be sure to stretch!


The very intellectual Aquarius likes to live inside his or her head. Remembering that the body needs activity and care is important. Often aware of trends and ahead of the curve, this sign might just try the latest exercise fad or even create it. Group activities and classes work well for this sign. Martial arts, aerobics, dance, and team sports are some options.


Exercise for fitness’ sake doesn’t interest Pisces. Activities that feel good are best. Pisces likes the water so swimming, rowing, surfing, and water skiing are possibilities in 2023. Pisces also rules the feet so aerobics, step classes, and dance are some other options. An element of fantasy is also important, so be sure to include music and imagination!

  • November 24, 2022