Year of the Snake – 2021 chinese horoscope

The Years of the Snake are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037

Snake 2021 Horoscope Overview

The last months of 2020 brought a change in the social activities of the Snakes, leaving them drained of strength and with the feeling they are out of the cards.

But all the Snakes must be brave because the Year of the Ox will fully reward them.

By being a creative year, it will bring them the things they’ve been thinking about all the time and a lot of opportunities will occur throughout the year.

In 2021, the Snakes must deal carefully with the financial problems.

Although normally, they are very cautious and watchful when it comes to money, this year, the Snakes need to pay even more attention.

In terms of career, they need to show more flexibility, if they want to advance or change their career.

This change can come with a bit of help from people in higher positions.

The Snakes will spend many happy moments at home, next to their families and friends, who are going to bring them a lot of joy.

The period between July and November is ideal for socializing.

Earthly Branches:Si
The Five Elements:Fire
Yin Yang:Yin
Lunar Month:Fourth
Lucky Numbers:2, 8, 9; Avoid: 1, 6, 7
Closest Western Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Lucky Colors:red, light yellow, black;

Snake Personality

The Snakes have always seduced the human beings. If you know the story of the “White Snake”, you will understand what I mean.

In reality, the natives of this zodiac sign are born charming and popular. The Snakes attract everyone like a magnet and they cannot be ignored.

The attention of the whole group and public recognition is something they care less.

Besides, the Snakes are not loud and, honestly, they have excellent manners, although the Snake pushed Eve into sin.

The astrological Snake is not a devil, not even a tiny demon. The Snake is a normal human being.

Determined to go through anything to reach the end, the Snake despises floating in the air.

The natives take decisions quickly and firmly. Many people are secretly and hopelessly in love with a Snake.

Gather the frustrated people you know and you will see that most of them are probably in love with a Snake.

Irresistible as they seem, the Snakes don’t lose their time with useless gossip. They are intellectuals, philosophers, and cerebral people.

The natives of this zodiac sign base their opinions on the first impression, feelings, and sympathies, rather than on facts, advice or other people’s opinions.

It seems they have a sixth sense in this regard.

The Snakes are a bit stingy when it comes to lending money, although they have all the sympathy for those who come to ask for their help.

Their major drawback is that they tend to exaggerate – when they help their friends, but also in any other matter. If they do a favor to someone, they become overly possessive.

Another shortcoming in the character of this native is that they are capable of huge lies.

White lies, true lies, whatever you want to call them. Although they don’t lie often, they lie when they want to get away with something.

Regarding money, the Snakes are lucky: they always come when they need them.

These natives are careful with money, but generous with friends and family.

The Snake needs a career that involves no risk – even if the risk is working hard. To say the truth, the Snake is a bit lazy.

In love, the Snake man is romantic and charming. The males have a great sense of humor, while the women are usually beautiful and successful. If the Snake chooses a partner, he becomes jealous and possessive – even after he is no longer in love.

Rejection is the hardest hit, and their delicate ego will suffer. The Snakes need to feel welcomed, accepted, and approved by those they get in contact with. They need to feel safe.


  • Rat – Better friends than lovers.
  • Ox – It can be a good union.
  • Tiger – It’s hard to guess what they see in each other.
  • Rabbit (Cat) – Think again.
  • Dragon – It could work.
  • Snake – It’s better to avoid this complicated drama.
  • Horse – They are strongly attracted to each other.
  • Goat – It might work!
  • Monkey – Maybe, but it depends on the Monkey.
  • Rooster – A romantic relationship with good auspices.
  • Dog – It could work.
  • Pig – The Snake will never like the Pig.