Signs a Virgo Man is Serious About You

The Virgo man has a tendency to be secretive and it’s hard to get to know him. However, once you get to see him for who he actually is, you’ll find he has a great dark sense of humor and is one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. 

He can declare his love to you today and tomorrow he’ll confess he was mistaken and his sentiments are not exactly as he described. This can be misleading and you can hardly tell if your Virgo man considers your relationship to be truly serious.

Let’s further analyze, according to astrology, how we can figure out what are the signs a Virgo man is really serious about a woman.

When a Virgo man falls in love, he will ask himself if he is really in love, the whole time.

He Loves Spending Time With You

When you’re already in a relationship, it’s easy to figure out if your partner likes you and loves to spend as much time with you as possible. New relationships, however, can’t offer many clues in this regard, and partners usually assume the darkest scenarios regarding the other person’s feelings. If a Virgo man is canceling certain activities just to spend time with you, it means that he is constantly thinking about you and loves to be around you, which could be the first sign of him wanting a serious relationship with you.

He Introduces You to His Buddies and Welcomes You Into His Social Circle

If your Virgo boyfriend introduces you to his circle of close friends, you will easily realize that his sentiments for you are genuine, because nobody introduces a person to their closest friends unless they are truly happy and very interested in that person.

It Demonstrates Respect in Everyday Life

A sure sign he wants a serious relationship is the fact he respects you, and it is evident in everything he does. The simple fact that he delivers on his promises doesn’t publicly contradict you, isn’t late for a date, all are evidence of respect. If he means business, your boyfriend will be seen as a responsible and organized guy, because he will act like one.

You Became His Confidante

If the Virgo man reached the point where he’s not shying away from you and is revealing extremely intimate things even his friends don’t know, it’s a good sign he’s completely opened up about his relationship and wants something serious.

He Calls You Without Having To

At the start of a relationship or if a serious relationship is out of the question, the Virgo man will call you just to make plans for the next date. By the time he’s ready for the next step, he’ll call you for other reasons. To ask you how you did that day, to say hello or just to tell you that he misses you.

He is Planning the Future With You

And I’m not necessarily talking about the distant future, family, children, a house on the edge of town, but about simpler matters such as summer or Christmas holidays, plans that include you and for which he seeks your advice.

You Have the Key to His House

He would never give up his key. If you can get into his house in his absence, it’s a clear sign that your Virgo man trusts you absolutely.

You Met His Family

A big (and often unpleasant) step is getting to know each other’s families, and if you already get to spend time with your families several times you already have a serious relationship.

He Wants to Know as Much as Possible About You

He’s obviously interested in learning as many things about you as possible. The idea of wanting to get to know you indicates that he wants to discover you. He wants to see if you’re a good match if you have common values. He needs to understand the things you like and those you don’t, he desires to know your life so far, your stories and experiences.

He Brings You Flowers

This doesn’t necessarily mean he wants a committed relationship, but it does mean he appreciates you. Virgo men rarely do this. 

He Does it All to Make You Happy

When you’re happy, he’s double happy. He tries his best to make you smile and be happy. He wants you to feel comfortable and happy. He tries to bring as much positive energy into your life as possible.