Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You

You’ll discover upon dating a Pisces man for the first time, that he’ll be asking insightful questions about your life for endless hours. It may take a while to realize that while he knows everything about you, you still know almost nothing about him.

Being the final zodiac sign, Pisces man is the ultimate soul, possessing strong wisdom and often the ability to see and feel things beyond what most people can sense or understand.

The Pisces man likes to seduce, he doesn’t want the woman on whom he has his attention to simply fall into his arms. Admittedly, they’re probably not the easiest people in the whole zodiac to understand… but when they love, they love with all their soul, body, and mind. And that doesn’t happen very often, does it? 

Pisces men can be quite manipulative, so read on to find out if the Pisces man you’re dating is using you.

Don’t Give a Damn About Romance

Typically, Pisces men are very romantic when they love someone and are really committed in the relationship. 

The Pisces man values romance more than any other zodiac sign.  If he doesn’t use romantic gestures, doesn’t whisper words of love, and doesn’t hold deep conversations about his feelings, then it may be a clue that the Pisces man is playing you. It is, however, also possible that the Pisces man is testing you.

You Notice He’s Lying to You More and More

He lies to you and invents bullshit explanations.

Pisces men will lie not in order to harm you, but the opposite.

If he’s not truly in love with you, he wouldn’t actually feel like telling you directly to your face.

So you’d probably find him fibbing and inventing reasons as to why he can’t date you or spend time with you.

He Only Reaches Out to You Just When he Wants or Needs Something

Does this Pisces man only call or text you when he needs you, and once he obtains what he desires you don’t hear from him again? So if that’s the situation, this man is purely messing with your feelings.

There’s no way a Pisces man in love would do this to his one true love.If he really loved you, he would treat you like royalty to avoid harming your emotions and call you often enough to find out how you’re doing, not just when he needs something.

The Pisces Man you’re Dating Avoids Answering Your Questions

An honest and loving Pisces man will invariably be thrilled at the opportunity to reveal himself to the woman he truly likes. Therefore, if your partner is hesitant to respond to your concerns, something is wrong.

If you’ve been dating for a while and you realize you still know nothing about his intimate life or his past, it’s a warning that he’s hiding things.

This could mean he loves someone else and is using you.

 The Pisces Man is Manipulating You

Pisces is a skilled manipulator. Thus, how do you really tell if a Pisces man is messing with you? He knows all the right things to say to get into your bed. Be very careful. Everything he does must align perfectly with what he claims, or else you don’t have any possible incentive to trust him.

Once a Pisces man is in love; he will naturally desire to be with you as much as he can. If you date a Pisces man who says nice things but doesn’t put action behind them; chances are you have someone close to you who doesn’t really care about your feelings.

Your Pisces Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to be Seen With You in Public

When a Pisces man is in love, he will take pride in you in front of his friends. He’ll present you to his buddies, relatives, and maybe to his co-workers. He’ll praise you with every chance he has, and he’s never scared to share his feelings in public.

If he eschews hanging out with you in public, that’s a definite signal that your Pisces man is a player and he is probably using you. If he seems to be hiding you, it’s very possible that he’s already in a relationship and is just using you for pleasure.

He Doesn’t Discuss Plans For the Future

Perhaps one of the clearest warning signals that a Pisces man is playing you is if he doesn’t really speak on the subject of a shared future with you. Pisces are so extremely romantic and under no circumstances they don’t wish to give up their amorous intentions. 

When a Pisces man falls in love, he does everything possible to prove to you that he actually wants you in his life forever. He’ll happily discuss the idea of moving in with you, talking about all the different destinations you could go to together, and about all the great escapades you should share with him.

Unpredictable Attitude

Whenever a Pisces man is uncommitted to you and is just taking advantage of you, he will often disown you. He’s making up something, if he does have any plans with you, and calls to inform you either he can’t come or wishes to reschedule dates.

Occasionally he might really have an issue that demands a reassessment, but if you observe that he frequently does it, then it’s clear that there’s definitely a problem and it’s a good idea to take action.

If a Pisces man is serious about you, then he will strive to establish a connection with you spiritually. Pisces men get very serious about relationships when they are truly in love and crave to bond with their partners on a soulful, spiritual level. He will be eager to discover your personal thoughts and core values and would do everything he can to share his thoughts with you.

Further on, you can find out which sign is the perfect match for Pisces and what are some important tips to consider if you are dating a Pisces man.