2nd house in Astrology

This is the house of qualities, of spiritual and material values, of gains, of assets we own or inherit that ensure our physical and emotional comfort; it also represents sensuality and the senses.

In astrology, this house responds to material resources, and the ability to gather money to accumulate material possessions that we need or that we feel we need.

The true lesson of this house is that we need to learn not to selfishly use our wealth only for our benefit, but to learn how to also help other people.

The Second House is about goods, money earned through your strength, diet, financial income and spending, and of assets, in general.

The best activities based on the astrological house: banker, accountant, sales agent, financial or payroll director, financial advisor, advertising director, or art director;

The second house is the house of substance, and it represents our attitude towards the things we value such and safety, possessions, and partners.

This is the place where we explore, develop, and enjoy the material world.

The Role of Second House in Astrology

This house governs the finances, salaries, or any income that is the result of our efforts. This house does not govern only material possessions, but also more subtle elements.

For example, the second astrological house governs our natural talents and resources, which psychologically, determine the sense of personal value. It indicates our notions of value and substance, which represent the key to the second astrological house.

Our values, both tangible and intangible, and the reasons for which we hold these values and concepts represent the main question answered by this house.

The material debts also belong to the second house because we own these debts. Our ability to manage our resources, pay bills, and accumulate reserves or savings are all governed by this house.

The lesson of the second house is to make our possessions work for us, but also the greater good. In turn, we need to learn how to work within the limits set by these assets, and how to use them wisely.

The Influence of Venus on Taurus in 2022

Venus will stay in the Gemini sign from April 4th to August 7th of 2022. During this period, you will pay more attention to your finances.
You may have the opportunity to earn money more easily without having to work additionally.

Also, you may feel more comfortable with the money you have or earn, so it is very likely to have anticipated some cuts in salary, or you paid your debts, or you made some adjustments in the way you spend money so that the financial loss does not affect you.

Another common manifestation for this aspect is an increase in salary or available funds. As a rule, the additional income will not require an increase in the effort or time allotted to work.

If you work as a sales agent, your commission rate might increase without an increase in the workload. If you are employed on a fixed salary, you can benefit from an increase or bonus.

The 2022 horoscope foretells that this year, you will feel the need for a major change in your lifestyle, in your location, or even in the way you look.

The transformations caused by the anxiety associated with the aspects of this year can reach many areas of your life. If you become aware of this, not only you will have a positive reaction to these changes, but you will even initiate them yourself.

An interesting, yet exhausting period awaits you for many years. If your lifestyle does not correspond to your needs, you will feel bored, restricted, or anxious.

It is time for a new beginning, and it is to your advantage to take some risks and to make the necessary changes.

However, you need to take into account that, for these initiatives, you need to mainly count on yourself.

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  • March 6, 2019