Scorpio March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

scorpio 2018 forecast
The heavenly Grand Square that we’ve been discussing for the past few months is still very much in effect. There is much resistance to your will. You’re still balancing many conflicting interests. With most of the planets still in the West, maintain your flexibility as much as possible.

When you have all this resistance, always remember the art of the possible. At any given time some constructive action can be taken even if it is a small thing. If not, refuse to worry and enjoy your day.

Though you are still working harder for earnings, there is some improvement this month as Jupiter, your Financial Planet, is now moving forward. Things are moving forward but you face much resistance.

Most of the planets are now firmly above the horizon of your chart. Mars moves into your 10th House of Career on the 24th. This all spells hectic and frenetic career activity. You’re taking positive and bold action on that front. You have to fend off competitors both personally and in your industry.

You can let go of family and domestic concerns for a while and focus on your career. Your Family Planet, Uranus starts to go retrograde on the 10th further reinforcing this.

Your 8th House of Sex, Personal Transformation and Elimination is very strong this month and since these are your favourite activities, you are at home now, forced to do what you love to do.

A great month for getting rid of old possessions, character traits, emotional patterns and habits that have been holding you back. Also good for past-life regressions but only if you need them and depth psychology.

The 8th House is where the soul has the ‘born again’ experience and there are many problems in life that can be solved in no other way. We must be born again into a new state of affairs and as the new person we want to be. The beggar who aspires to affluence can never make it so long as he or she has the consciousness of the beggar. The beggar must die and the affluent one must be born. This is the kind of month it is.

Libido is still unusually strong though romance is still complicated. Your erotic zones aside from the normal ones are the arms, shoulders and abdomen.

Health is improved over last month and you can enhance it further by paying more attention to your stomach, breasts and heart. Don’t let the ups and downs of your career affect your health. The good news is that health is a big priority after the 24th and you are more willing to take on regimes and diets that will help you.

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