Here Are The 6 Luckiest Numbers For Scorpio

Although it may seem unlucky, it is exactly the odd numbers that bring good luck to Scorpio natives. If Scorpios feel inspired to start new projects or go traveling, it would be a good idea to do these things on odd-numbered days.

If you have just bought an asset, such as a car, use odd numbers on the number plate.

6 Lucky Numbers for Scorpio

People born under the sign of Scorpio are generally very charismatic and make friends easily. These natives love to work as a team. Scorpios are passionate people, and this can often make them impatient.

Scorpios love money, and this is no surprise given the lifestyle they adopt. For them, luxury is a must. The lucky numbers of these natives are 1, 9, 11, 21, 29, and 35. Scorpios’ lucky days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

From the list of lucky numbers for those born in the Scorpio sign, odd numbers are the best in their life, and they can bet on them when they are in trouble. They can play them in the lottery, Mega Millions and Powerball, or use them for their car number or phone number. For example, 9 is a special number for Scorpios because it heralds beneficial changes for the rest of their lives. 

Lucky Numbers for Scorpio in Career: 7 and 25

The 7th and 25th of each month are good days for signing contracts or starting a new job. Scorpios who want to start a new business also have the 5th and 17th of May, September and October as auspicious days.

Lucky Days in Love for Scorpio

Love for this native is both strong and passionate, a catalyst that changes his life and outlook. Although Scorpio may seem emotionless this appearance is only for show. 

Single Scorpios have some good prospects on the 10th and 15th of the month. They’ll be in the eye of influential people, perhaps even with some wealth, in a social circle from whom they expect nothing personally.

Relations with family members will be excellent until the 20th of September and October. After this date, some friction may occur, but not on your own, but rather between your partner and family members. 

Unlucky Days for Scorpio

Those born under the sign of Scorpio have entered a year where luck will smile on them most of the time, especially professionally. But there will be difficult moments, especially on the personal front, when the decisions they make could play a decisive role, leading to new beginnings: April 26, 10 May, 15 June, 20 July,12 September

How Do Lucky Numbers Help Scorpio

Seeing lucky numbers encourages and favors all kinds of new plans, changes, auspicious beginnings and even new love relationships.  Scorpios will collect money, perhaps even receive bonuses they didn’t expect, and will be able to start new projects related to their passions, related to technology and home upgrades.

Characteristics And Things Bringing Good Luck in Scorpio’s Life:

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that gives them independence, dynamism and the will to win. Their essential element is Water, and Iron is the metal that best represents these natives. Perhaps also because in popular tradition it is believed that this metal has the power to remove negative energies from those who wear it or hold it close.

Red is the lucky color for Scorpios, who feel best on Tuesdays. 

The horseshoe is the Scorpio’s soul charm, especially if it is made of iron. It is recommended that this talisman be placed at the entrance of the house, precisely to protect Scorpio natives from negative energies that can disturb the peace and harmony in the house.

Ruby is the lucky stone for Scorpio. Perhaps because it is a noble stone, perhaps because it stimulates their mind, and their thinking and helps them to be more objective in their decision-making.

The significance of Red, the Lucky Color for Scorpio

Scorpio is a Water sign, so shades of blue should be lucky for its natives. However, blue is a neutral color for Scorpios, who are more attracted to and influenced by strong colors of the spectrum such as black, red and dark purple, or violet.

Black and dark purple represent the hidden power of this zodiac sign that protects a lot of mysteries that almost no one ever finds out. And red is the color of the desert scorpion, it is the color of energy, optimism, and endurance that this sign is capable of.

  • October 30, 2022