What Animal is Scorpio in Chinese Zodiac


The Western zodiac sign of Scorpio is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig , so the month of the Pig corresponds to the period from October 23 to November 21 of the sign of Pig.

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the Western zodiac, and the Pig, the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac, have many things in common. Both signs are associated with intensity, passion, and determination, and are known for their strong will and resilience.

One of the most prominent similarities between Scorpio and the Pig is their intensity and passion. Both signs are known for their strong emotions and ability to fully immerse themselves in their passions and pursuits. They are both also highly determined and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. This makes them great at pursuing their passions and achieving success in their personal and professional lives.

Another common trait between Scorpio and the Pig is their resilience and ability to overcome obstacles. Both signs are known for their ability to bounce back from setbacks and keep moving forward. They are both also great at dealing with difficult situations and can handle pressure and stress well. This makes them great at dealing with challenges and overcoming adversity.

Both signs also share a love for honesty and authenticity. Scorpio is known for their directness and ability to cut through the BS, while the Pig is known for their sincerity and honesty. They are both are always looking to be true to themselves and those around them, and value authenticity in their relationships.

Despite these similarities, there are also some differences between Scorpio and the Pig. Scorpio is more secretive and intense, while the Pig is more straightforward and open. Scorpio is also more independent, while the Pig is more focused on building relationships and connections. However, these differences only serve to complement each other and make them a great match in many aspects of life.

In conclusion, the Scorpio and the Pig have many things in common, including their intensity, passion, and determination, and resilience. Both signs are known for their strong will and ability to overcome obstacles, and are always looking to be true to themselves and those around them. These similarities make them a great match in many aspects of life, and their differences only serve to complement each other.

Scorpio Personality

There is little doubt that, with their intense and powerful demeanours, Scorpios come across as forceful personalities with deep-rooted passions.

They carry around them an aura of mystery and intrigue, which others find compellingly attractive.

Yet, no matter how much they try, it is unlikely that anyone will succeed in completely penetrating a Scorpio’s mysterious and puzzling soul, for members of this Sign are secretive individuals, who are fiercely protective of their own privacy.

Whether at home, work or in love, Scorpios need to be the ones in control.

They despise any shallowness, insincerity, weakness of character, and, above all else, betrayal. With their penetrating gaze and great insight, they have the power to read between the lines and see into the heart of the matter in an instant.

At work and play, whatever they take on, Scorpios involve themselves one hundred percent. Their powers of concentration and the ability to focus on the job at hand are unequaled.

They have an urgent ‘need to know, which drives many of them into investigative or forensic operations.

Some are drawn to psychology and psychoanalysis, others to scientific research. Surgery and dentistry also attract, but so too, do the mystical arts and occult.

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Scorpio Love

In love and relationships, Scorpios are passionate and intense and have the reputation of being the sexiest sign of the Zodiac.

Certainly, when they fall in love, these people give their all. However, they do expect their love and devotion to be returned in the same depth and quantity.

Woe betides a partner who is disloyal, or, worse still, one who cheats – for a Scorpio never forgives!

Scorpio Health

In health matters, Scorpio rules the reproductive system and sexual organs. Problems in these areas are common and may range from menstrual complications in women to hernia or urological complaints in men.

Although Scorpios have been described as having lean but strong constitutions, when ill, they can make difficult and demanding patients, rebelling against medical advice which can complicate treatment. Fortunately, however, they are blessed with good powers of recovery.

Where wealth is concerned, when it comes to savings and making investments, following whatever their intuition tells them to do, usually pays off handsomely for members of this Sign.

This inborn savvy, combined with their astute business sense, will ensure that money stockpiles nicely for them in the bank.

But remember, Scorpios are secretive individuals and they like to keep their financial affairs under wraps – even from those they consider to be their nearest and dearest.

Pig Personality

The Pig is honest, simple, and good-natured. It is jovial and comes straight to the point. Its heart is pure and without malice.

It is a “good person” with stable and beneficial friendships, and can be very trustworthy. It is sincere, amiable, and charitable, but it is also innocent and naive. Since it does not know how to say no, it is a favorite victim for con artists. It is tolerant, hates lies, and prefers silence. However, when crossed it can defend itself savagely.

Although it appears to be unselfish, the Pig is fond of money. It is generous to friends and likes to share but expects to be repaid when the occasion arises. The Pig is known for its sensuality, and it pursues pleasure diligently, sometimes as far as depravity.

  • September 28, 2022