Scorpio January 2024 Horoscope: Love, Money, Career

According to the 2024 horoscope, those born under the Scorpio sign will have a year full of achievements and happy moments. Scorpios are talking with their loved ones about many joys, because there will be a very high possibility of receiving a promotion at work or getting a good profit from their business.

At the same time, in January Scorpios will have the opportunity to study things that have always fascinated them, thus having the opportunity to evolve. It will be a good year also on a personal level because the relationship with the family will improve. Scorpios will go through a quiet period that they haven’t experienced in a long time. You will enjoy peace, well-being as a couple and it is possible to change your status, a marriage being predicted by the stars this year.

January is also a favorable month from a romantic perspective. Scorpios in relationships may renew their vows, while singles have the potential to find a perfect match for their souls.

Lucky and Unlucky Days

Fortunate days for water natives include January 1, 11, 14, 16, 18, 27, and 31. On January 1, good news arrives in the career domain. January 11 and 14 bring joys and surprises from those around them, with recognition for their work.

January 16 and 18 are especially beneficial for those seeking spiritual experiences, such as visits to sanctuaries and monasteries. On January 27th and 31st, Scorpios are favored in matters of love.

Unlucky days are January 7, 13, 15, and 22. On the 7th and 13th, Scorpios should refrain from unjustified expenses, as these days are unfavorable for indulging whims. On January 15 and 22, water natives should avoid workplace challenges, as some colleagues may present obstacles.

Love & Money Horoscope

With Venus in fiery Sagittarius, as 2024 begins, your personal relations’ practical and economical side will be in focus. If you’re with a partner, then the simple business of working on sound economic lines, keeping life organized, and ticking over will be the following themes. There will be concern over money, business and financial prospects.

As there is tension from Saturn in Virgo to Venus, a lack of funds or support could prevent you from going ahead with a designated project or interest. Prepare for a separation or a falling out with friends. For the singles, don’t choose romantic prospects from among friends.

There may be a relationship prospect you just can’t have. Be wary of the secret liaison! It will start explosively but end unfavorably. Play it straight this year. If you just go about the simple business of life, you’ll make the right connection. Some of you may simply prefer the solitude of home and personal life. Others will take up the pursuit of important interests or group-oriented activities.

Dealings with money begin with a hiss and a roar. Warrior Mars moves in reverse in Gemini, clashing with Pluto in the last degree of Sagittarius right at the turn of the year.

There will be intense negotiations or dealings involving finance, seeing you take a risk or push matters to the limit. Unexpected pressures may push you or miscalculation will trouble you. Ensure you’re clear with estimates of what you need and what you can do. There may be a serious wrangle or stoush over money. There may be a testing proposition you just have to take on. Professional contacts or career matters will be wound up in this somehow. This may also involve investment in lands or property. Past concerns or connections will feature.

Make sure you understand all the communications and the paperwork with anything you’re putting money into or involved in. Don’t overreach and watch for the people or forces opposing you. The great god ‘Gazump’ could descend to obstruct you. You will do well if things are handled correctly. Money will be made. It all depends on the astuteness of instinct and the ability to negotiate. Play it tough, Scorpio. That’s the way you like it! Mars moves forward from Jan 30th, so the immediate pressures will begin to ease. Remain wary of risks. Test the waters and find out what you’re getting into first. Don’t get out of your depth just because you failed to learn the requirements.

Warning: 2024 could also bring erotic encounters that may be hot but may turn testing or even torturous. Whether above board or secret, some of you will arrive on the doorstep of a relationship of intensity. The energy is strong in the course of work or business.

Separation from someone may be a feature. Money or fiscal dealings may somehow be involved. Don’t let things get out of hand until you know you’re safe. Others will renew the erotic side an existing relationship. Someone from the past may return to your life and heat up those fires again.


Jupiter in Gemini will set your ideas in motion through education, communications and new business schemes or deals. The chance to learn or move in different circles will add spice to the pot of your career. Use associations with others to grow through informed discussion and ‘hands-on’ experience.

2024 is a year to upgrade your effort and aim higher. It’s a year to grasp the opportunities that come. And, if they don’t, set something in motion yourself. Float it and see if it’s seaworthy! Run the flag up and see who salutes!

With Saturn in your solar eleventh house, you will come free of the burden of recent responsibilities or obligations to pursue personal goals or common interests. You will have a chance to gauge how successful your efforts in any direction have been by the level of acceptance or acknowledgment you gain. Seek a place among others and learn to play a part.

Groups or teamwork may be a theme in the fulfillment of your dreams. However, you must be selective about those with whom you involve yourself.

A leadership role may fall to you. You may win approval or acceptance from superiors, those in authority or the public. Remember that success will come to you as a measure of effort and skillful application. Jupiter and Saturn harmonize to favor your efforts in Nov.

Home and Family  

It’ll be an eventful time at home this year. There’ll be changes in people and shifts of mood or feeling. New contacts or associations will develop as home life or family becomes a strong focus. You will shift the balance of your attention away from the professional towards the domestic and the family. You will look to your inner or personal life to find what you’re seeking.

Creative and domestic activities will feature. You will spend more time at home or operate from the home in a new or different way. New or unusual people will feature in family or domestic life. Look to new ideas or beliefs to sustain you and those you love.

You are drawn to taking up a passionate interest. You may hold group activities at home or embrace the importance of a cause or of the community in which you live. Some of you even leave behind your professional accomplishments or duties. You’ll feel like retreating to the home, moving away from the outside world. Family concerns may bring this shift about.

A change from within you may also be the driving force. Some of you will alter habits or routines at home in accordance with radical or eccentric ideas. Late Apr through to mid-Jun is a time of unsettlement or new influences.

Confusion or change will touch your home life as retrograde Mercury will hit your solar fourth house this year. Jan will bring communication problems, minor breakdowns or reversals of plans or expectations. Watch the DIY imperative and don’t overreach. Surprise events or developments will catch you out. In Feb and Aug, there will be marker points for changes or endings in the cycle of home or family life.

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