Saturn and Pluto retrograde in 2022

Between April 29 and October 8, Pluto will be retrograde in Capricorn and Saturn will go retrograde between june 4 and October 23, in Aquarius.

Pluto Retrograde April 2022 affects all zodiac signs. When Pluto enters retrograde, you have the opportunity to analyze your emotions and accept yourself as you are.

Next year, all the zodiac signs will be able to enjoy a new beginning, both in their personal and professional life.

According to the 2022 yearly horoscope, some of us will focus on fun, entertainment, pleasure, and hobbies, while others will use their creativity, ambition, and confidence to initiate more extensive personal projects.

Throughout this period, there will be no mountain peaks you can’t climb, no goal you can’t reach. You have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to.

During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, we can expect GREAT changes, which will be positive and necessary. There is not a lot of resistance in Saturn’s agenda this year.

All the outer planets will support Saturn’s mission. It means that changes will occur, but they will be positive. You will be ready to overcome them. We will encounter a record of 4 planets that are moving slowly in Capricorn: Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and the South Node.

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How the Saturn Pluto retrogradation will affect the zodiac signs

Saturn and Pluto are two of the most feared planets in our solar system, and in 2022, they will encounter Jupiter, Ceres, and Mercury.

Saturn and Pluto in retrograde – 2 important astrological events for us, but especially the months preceding it – these ten intense months that are practically getting us ready for a new life and a new purpose.

We are forced to strive for our prosperity, which should overflow from the confidence we manage to find within ourselves.

This retrograde motion will especially influence the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The horoscope of the year 2022 reveals that this rare planetary alignment occurring in january 2022 will trigger a storm that will completely change the lives of the zodiac signs.

During such a planetary alignment that takes place, like now, the Universe opens its doors and listens very carefully to our words and thoughts.

We must transform the negative into positive, and warily choose positive emotions and thoughts.

Otherwise, we will feel inner discomfort and anxiety, as something is not quite right. These planets govern the mind, emotions, physical experiences, luck, and karma.

Any thought about these aspects will directly connect to the law of attraction, reaching Saturn’s karmic abyss.

The retrogradetion of Saturn and Pluto, two of the most feared planets of our solar system, tries to emphasize the prime concerns from a certain sphere of life, putting pressure on its solving.

As usual, when we are under pressure, we will need to sacrifice something, we will not be able to maintain the status quo, and in some cases, we will need to accept the inevitable.

Jupiter will probably come with favorable denouements, developments, and achievements, where the hard work gets rewarded, and the conjuncture is favorable.

We can’t generally judge things, and we can’t tell if the outcome has a positive component or not unless we know our natal chart.

If we simplistically approach things, we can say that, yes, the Capricorn will be the direct beneficiary, the Virgos and Taurus – the signs with whom Jupiter in transit will form a trigon to their Sun – will enjoy a period, this year when life will seem to flow easier.

Scorpio and Pisces will enjoy optimism and certain aids, the Cancer will need to reinvent and transform, due to the opposition in Capricorn, while Aries and Libra will work harder for the results they expect

Depending on the ascendant, Saturn and Pluto will transit different houses. If your ascendant is in:

Aries: The 10th House, the house of Reputation, Career, and Authorities

The emphasis is on career, reputation, authority in general, so the fear and sacrifice are related to these domains and your relationships with the people representing these areas.

Taurus: The 9th House, the house of Learning, Travel, and Divinity.

The targeted areas are of travel and the area of high education and spirituality in general, so the fear and sacrifice could be linked to obstacles encountered in these areas.

Gemini: The 8th House, the house of Loss, Debt, and Unseemliness.

The pressure is on the financial area of partners, institutions, or people, the area of debt, inheritance, and intimacy, so the fear and sacrifice can be linked to the feeling of vulnerability caused by these matters.

Cancer: The 7th House, the house of Partnerships and Public.

The partnership area is affected, so the fear and sacrifice are related to relationships, where the limit is reached.

Leo: The 6th House, the house of Duty, Service, and Wounds.

The emphasis is on work, health, and daily habits areas, so the fear and sacrifice are easy to identify.

Virgo: The 5th House, the house of Pleasure, Recreation, and Children.

The pressure is on the area of creativity, fun, romance, and children, and the fear and sacrifice can be easier to manage, depending on the natal chart.

Libra: The 4th House, the house of Home, Parents, and Foundations.

The constraint is on home, house, parents, roots, and emotional safety, and depending on the natal chart, there can be fears and sacrifices to take into account related to these domains.

Scorpio: The 3rd House, the house of Relatives, Location, and Mobility.

The emphasis is on short journeys, communication, your environment, siblings, and relatives, so the fear and sacrifice could be related to these topics.

Sagittarius: The 2nd House, the house of Money, Belongings, and Resources.

The Sagittarius will focus on money, belongings, self-respect, and their resources. Some circumstances may occur that will make you meditate on what is more important for you in general, not only during this period.

Capricorn: The 1st House, the house of Self, Identity, and Physical Appearance.

For Capricorns, this is an exam in maturity, the pressure is on the domain of personality, and the way other people regard you.

It is about a transformation both on the surface but especially on the inside when you need to quit something that prevents you become who you truly are.

Aquarius: The 12th House, the house of Enemies, Weaknesses, and Dead Ends.

The targeted area is of subconscious, isolation, and healing, so there may be acute or diffused fears, depending on the natal chart.

Pisces: The 11th House, the house of Allies, Honors, and Awards.

The affected area is of friendship, of long-term goals, of the environment you resonate with, so the fears and sacrifices are quite easy to identify.

You will need to reflect on the friendships that exhausted their potential or the objectives that no longer mean something to you.