Saturn in Pisces 2023 – Structuring Our Security

How can you participate in creating a secure community when you can’t trust anyone? Building bigger walls may make you feel more secure on one hand and more isolated on the other. The downside of tight security is the loss of personal freedom, but when you’re nervous and edgy, any contact can feel threatening and invasive. It’s not that you don’t care about people, it’s just the risk of being hurt, exposed, or controlled can feel too great now.

Saturn’s transit in Pisces starts on March 7, 2023. With Saturn in Pisces, Saturn is in its fall, meaning it is not in a strong position. In Pisces, any show of emotions can seem excessive and the tendency is to dig in and stay close to home. The less you expect, the less you’ll get, and the more pessimistic you feel, the more those feelings will be confirmed. You can build on your feelings of sorrow and lack, or you can choose to build a realistic foundation slowly and patiently.

On a social-political level, Saturn in Pisces signals problems for Government as increased government control can lead to more dissatisfaction from the public. The middle class and laborers bear the burden, and unemployment increases. Saturn in Pisces can bring bad weather and crop failure, which can impact the economy, the people, livestock, and the land itself, including depreciating property values. The land can literally quake, increasing the potential for earthquakes.

Saturn in Your chart: Saturn in The Houses

Saturn in the houses shows what area of your life Saturn in Pisces will influence and color for the next 2+ years. It will help to know exactly where Saturn is located in your chart, but if you know your Ascendant, this can help.

Saturn in the 1st house (Cancer rising) The world just got a lot more serious, and your role in it will take a lot more responsibility to fulfill over the next few years. Don’t expect it to be easy to come out to the world in your new professional role– it may not be and you will need serious, well-considered encouragement to take small steps. Messages you received in childhood may be holding up your progress and finding the threads of your discontent can help to ease your attachment to your family’s view of you, including how and how much you can achieve for yourself. The next few years are a time to break out of your emotional shell and learn to show and share your caring and loving emotions — even if you do make a few mistakes in public view.

Saturn in the 2nd house (Gemini rising) Fears of budget cuts and increased costs can loom large now. Instead of being free and easy with your money now, you may be feeling much more cautious about how and how much you spend your resources. You may not want to be wealthy, but fear of lack or loss can make you preoccupied with achieving realistic, long-term financial stability, and you may be entertaining thoughts of more income streams that are more stable, like real estate.

Saturn in the 3rd house (Taurus rising) To keep your mind focused on your career and other practical matters, you may have to avoid idle chatting unless there’s specific information you need to exchange. You’re a different person than you were, and you need others to address you as the person you’ve become– not who you used to be. Learning can be a slow but thorough process, but a good education is essential for success, even if it does cut into your social schedule over the next few years.

Saturn in the 4th house (Aries rising) Attitudes you’ve held since childhood may be holding you back, and even crippling your career future. Don’t accept negative messages from your elders as The Real Truth– despite challenges and difficult situations, you can achieve success– if you’re willing to put in the effort. Don’t let negative messages replace your determination to get out there– this is the time to prove to yourself that you can accomplish your goals by building patiently.

Saturn in the 5th house (Pisces rising) Even your play can feel like work, and even if you love your work, you can be working extra hard over the next few years to make your name and get yourself established in your career. As Saturn enters Pisces, on March 7, 2023, you may feel that it’s all hard work with no recognition or rewards, which can be frustrating and even result in creative blocks. You may be overly self-critical but building a creative career takes time, patience, and a lot of work you enjoy. Romance is better with a commitment.

Saturn in the 6th house (Aquarius rising) Work for the sake of work can make you a workaholic. It’s not even that you’re accomplishing big things, it’s just you always see a better way, an improvement on the last edition, or some detail that — once corrected– can make your work absolutely perfect. But in the interest of producing perfect work you can also let your health suffer. These are the years to start a healthy regime you can live with because the routine you establish now will affect your health for the next 30 years,

Saturn in the 7th house (Capricorn rising) Although you take your relationships very seriously and you’re a dedicated friend and partner, getting married or otherwise seriously committed can feel overly restrictive and limiting. A relationship that is overly restrictive or pessimistic can end now– or it can just stay that way. Relating isn’t just for pleasure– the more you participate and bond with others, the more you will learn about yourself. Working on your relationship is working on yourself, but you’re learning how to build and maintain stable, supportive relationships.

Saturn in the 8th house (Sagittarius rising) What you don’t know can seem scary and mysterious now. Transition states and psychic depths may not be the places you would choose to adventure, yet they may be on your roadmap over the next few years. Losing control of yourself, your relationship, or your cash flow can seem intolerable now, but going past your fear of merging, losing power, and bonding closer with another person can put you more in control of yourself than ever before. You can build willpower when you are dedicated enough to take a big plunge.

Saturn in the 9th house (Scorpio rising) However you were raised and whatever you believed– or didn’t believe– before, the question is– what do YOU believe in now and why? Finding the foundations of your faith may require further study. Going on a quest to find a belief system you really believe in and understand thoroughly can take you on an adventure through philosophy, religion, and several foreign countries, but can lead you to a thorough understanding of what you believe in and why. Higher education can help you get the credentials you’ll need to be a responsible professional in your field.

Saturn in the 10th house (Libra rising) Your dedication shows. You are becoming an esteemed professional. You’re the one in control, the authority, the person who understands what the public needs and has a realistic business plan to achieve success. But being in the public eye makes it crucially important that you are responsible, self-monitoring, and willing to work hard to uphold the reputation you’ve worked the last 7 years to establish. You are conscientious, but your critical need for perfection can keep you too isolated, obligated, and attached to your work. Giving everything to your career pursuits can leave you feeling lost and let down if your efforts are not recognized.

Saturn in the 11th house (Virgo rising Having hopes and dreams is not necessarily wild and impossible, as long as you’re willing to work hard– not only to make your dreams come true but to maintain them as well. Good friends and established elders can be your closest friends now, and you can be drawn to people who are conservative and uphold esteemed social traditions, even if they are also stiff and stuffy at times. Rather than joining large groups, you can feel more comfortable in the company of a few good friends.

Saturn in the 12th house (Leo rising) The next few years may not be the time to plan your stage debut. These can be years of introspection and reflection and you may want to spend more time alone so you can practice and meditate on your own. Your skin may not be as thick as usual, especially as Saturn enters Leo when you feel things more deeply than they are (usually) intended. Getting depressed is something you may need to consciously guard against. Work can be your best therapy and your current career goals may be moving towards donating your time and working for free just to develop new skills and talents.

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  • September 27, 2022