Sagittarius March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Like last month, 70% to 80% of the planets are in the East. Towards the end of the month, your 1st House of Self becomes strong. Continue to take the bull by the horns and create conditions, as you desire them to be.

Give some extra thought as to what you want to build. Take more time. Clarify these things and then launch into action. Mistakes can be quickly rectified. Be polite and graceful to others but your own way and follow your own star.

Career is still important as most of the planets are still above the horizon but your 10th House is not as strong as it was last month. Presumably many of your outer objectives have been attained and now you want to focus on some of fruits of your labours, good friendships, good connections and involvement with professional organisations.

Two eclipses shake up the environment this month but they seem benign to you. The Lunar eclipse of the 9th occurs in your 5th House, testing a love affair, a marriage or serious relationship, bringing long-term changes to your creative life and in your relations with children.

Flaws in these areas will surface so that you can correct them. In fact, the eclipse usually leaves you with little choice. You MUST correct these things. Your lover or children can be unusually temperamental during this period too. The Solar eclipse of the 23rd occurs in your 12th House of spirituality.

You can expect that your dream life will be hyperactive and restless during this period (perhaps even month). None of the images you see should be taken too seriously (some can appear to be very negative). The eclipse stirs much of this rubbish up.

For many, this is bringing a new spirituality and the beginning of a spirituality discipline. For others it means spiritual revelation the changes their techniques, paths or teachers. For others it shows upheavals in charities, ministries or causes they belie in.

Since the Sun rules your 8th House, every solar eclipse brings changes in your partner’s earnings and financial strategy. In some cases events happen to help you pay off debt. In other cases new debts are incurred. Sexuality and libido go through some upheaval.

Many of you will have to deal with your fears of death and understand them in a deeper way.

Finances are finally starting to clarify. Uranus, your Money Planet, starts moving forwards on the 8th. Many stalled deals or projects are now starting to move forward. You work harder for earnings until the 22nd but afterwards prosperity just flows.

Love is pursuing you this month and by the 27th will find you. Venus moving into your own Sign then will give you sense of style and great personal glamour. Whatever you age, you will start looking younger and more glamorous. The spirit of the child is upon you.

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