Sagittarius Personality Traits

Like an arrow shot from the bow, the Sagittarian’s intuition invariably hits the mark

Incorrigibly cheerful and optimistic, Sagittarian enthusiasm gives the members of this Sign a zest for life. Sporty and firm, these dynamic people are driven by seemingly blind faith, telling themselves that all is for the best in the best of possible worlds.

And indeed, for them, it usually does turn out for the best in the end. These are born extroverts who, whether physically or metaphorically, like to roam free.

Moreover, there’s something of the visionary in every Sagittarian and, though natives of this group are often blunt and tactless, very often their words and ideas hit the mark.

At work and play, religion, politics and the law are the traditional occupations that suit the nature of this Sign.

But many Sagittarians find their way into school

Publishing also attracts these people, and if they do write, there will be a strong philosophical or spiritual slant to their work.

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Sport will figure highly in the lives of Sagittarians, whether it be as a main career or as a part-time pursuit.

In love and relationships, Sagittarians, who are not the most constant of the Signs, value their freedom and hate to be tied down. They are restless souls with a strong idealistic streak, which makes them seek knights in shining armor, or damsels in distress.

A partner who is prepared to share their dream and sense of adventure will win the Sagittarian heart forever.

In intimate relationships, love and laughter are essential, and a light-hearted attitude to life’s problems will help to smooth the bumps through the inevitable ups and downs of life.

In health matters, Sagittarius governs hips and thighs – areas which tend to become overweight among the people of this Sign – especially as middle-age approaches.

Walking and riding, pursuits particularly associated with the Archer, form ideal exercises for this problem.

However, accidents may affect their hips, so they should take precautions against any serious falls.

Strong and hearty types in general, the Sagittarian appetite for rich, spicy food can all too often take its toll on the liver.

Where wealth is concerned, reputed to be the luckiest sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarians somehow always manage to land on their feet.

This ‘good omen’ streak follows them in their financial dealings, and can in some, fuel an urge to gamble or take heady risks.

However, whether it’s their happy-go-lucky natures, or whether Lady Luck especially smiles upon these – her favorites – the Sagittarhttp://sagittian does seem to live a charmed and fortunate life.

Personality Keynotes

* Enthusiastic * Optimistic * Open * Independent * Warm * Friendly * Sociable *
* Adventurous * Excitable * Open-minded * Easy-going * Lucky * Idealistic *
* Sincere * Positive * Tactless * Impulsive * Untidy * Unpunctual *


* Symbol – Archer
* Ruling Planet – Jupiter
* Element – Fire
* Colour – Purple
* Flower – Narcissus
* Stone – Turquoise
* Lucky Number – 9
* Lucky day – Thursday

Sagittarians Should

* Learn to be more tactful
* Use intuition when forming new relationships

Sagittarians Shouldn’t

* Be so trusting
* Reveal their innermost selves quite so readily to all and sundry