Year of the Rooster – 2021 chinese Horoscope

The Rooster is always popular, extravagant, and creative.

They seem to be brutally honest and, in general, they like to be overwhelmed with attention.

They are extraordinarily faithful friends, and they give free advice even if no one asks!

Family means the world to them, and they are extremely loyal to the people they care about.

2021 Rooster Horoscope Overview

The year of the Ox 2021 is going to be very diverse for the Rooster natives, but if they know what is best for them, they will enjoy a path with no obstacles.

This is not a favorable year for gambling or excessive spending, and the budget needs to be carefully planned to avoid any difficulties.

Focus and determination will help the unfulfilled and unhappy Roosters in their careers.

While is not going to be easy to change jobs, it is possible to get the attention of a very influent person who can help them.

Socially, 2021 is going to be a year full of fun with a slight amendment.

Gossips and indiscretions need to be avoided because they will harm the Rooster’s image.

With all these events in their life, the house will seem a paradise and they will use any opportunity to spend time with family and close friends.

The period between April and August will prove especially fortunate, with a bit of effort from the Rooster natives.

Rooster Personality

Earthly Branches:酉 Yǒu
The Five Elements:water
Yin Yang:Yin
Lunar Month:Eighth
Lucky Numbers:5, 7, 8; Avoid: 1, 3, 9
Closest Western Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Lucky Colors:gold, brown, yellow; Avoid: white, green

The Roosters are very observant. And, most of the time, their observations are very precise and concise.

You could say these natives have a sixth sense. With them, what you see is what you get.

There are no hidden depths in the personality of this astrologic sign.

They are not complicated or profound; they are rather honest and open.

The Rooster native likes to be noticed and flattered. Maybe in their minds, they like to deceive themselves a bit, but in their hearts, they are very conservative.

The natives are always an attraction – they are so beautiful, they turn heads. They are sociable and attention seekers.

Believe it or not, but a man born under this sign is not easy to win over. His spirit is very cautious, skeptical, and very perceptive.

The Roosters are excellent hunters, detectives, doctors, assistants or psychiatrists. They are always on their toes.

You will rarely see a Rooster sitting in an armchair in the living room, doing nothing.

They have many talents, and they can get accomplished in many ways.

All the Roosters are extremely careful with how they dress, and they care about appearances.

They might seem conservative, but they are obsessed with the way they look – they can spend hours in front of the mirror, and don’t even blink if they pay 5.000.000 on a coat.

This doesn’t mean they don’t care about money, because they like to compare process, and if they find something cheaper for even a few pennies, they are satisfied.

Intelligent, practical, and resourceful, the Roosters like to dream. And because they like to dream, they will be disappointed in love because reality doesn’t match the dreams they would like to share with their partners; although they are truly honest about their dreams.

They are exquisite hosts and they like parties.

Their most important quality is loyalty: they are devoted to their friends.

The Roosters are true friends, they always keep their promises and you can count on their word.

When the Roosters love or admire someone, they could bring the moon from the sky, just to make them happy.


  1. Rat – Warm, but it’s not going to last.
  2. Ox – They can consider themselves lucky if they find each other.
  3. Tiger – It is not a balanced relationship.
  4. Rabbit (Cat) – Okay. But better NOT!
  5. Dragon – Balanced, but it lacks passion.
  6. Snake – This relationship is going to be full of love!
  7. Horse – If you really must, but it is not recommended.
  8. Goat – They are going to be unhappy.
  9. Monkey – It is possible. But, who knows?
  10. Rooster – It would be a miracle to work!
  11. Dog – Only if it’s necessary!
  12. Pig – It might work.