Rising Signs – The Ascendant in Astrology

Your Rising Sign Is Aries

With your Rising Sign (or Ascendant) in Aries, you are enterprising, direct, ambitious and self-assured, with the ability to make a considerable impact upon others.

You tend to put much time and energy into the attainment of objectives, not so much because you are fixated on the objectives themselves, but because you are prodded along by the opposition of rivals and competitors.

Your warrior instinct will not allow defeat by others, or by life itself. In pursuits of any kind, you see a straight line between yourself and your goal and will usually not let anything stand in your way, even if that means stepping on others’ toes or ignoring other aspects of your life.

You are easily bored with repetitive tasks and are attracted to occupations in which you are constantly breaking new ground or dealing with something new.

You tend to identify strongly with what you do, seeing your role in life as an extension of who you are. You probably have striking facial features.

Your Rising Sign Is Taurus

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Taurus, you are patient, enduring, slow-to-change and security-minded.

Though not always apparent, there is usually a basic insecurity prompting you to matters of stability, both financial and emotional.

Generally you are easy-going and patient, allowing you to quietly endure rigors or conditions that would overwhelm others, but if provoked beyond your limit, you can become ‘mad as a bull,’ stubborn or unyielding.

The need for stability in your environment may lead to the acquisition of property, land and/or possessions, which cumulatively convey a comforting sense of permanence.

By extension, there is a need for permanence in personal relationships which can lead to possessiveness.

There is a need for, and love of, beautiful things, ranging from expensive artifacts to paintings, sculpture and music.

You identify strongly with the earth, compelling you to interests in land, real estate, farming, gardening and precious metals.

Your Rising Sign Is Gemini

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Gemini, you are lively, quick, amusing, inventive, high-strung and imaginative.

You are highly communicative, but ironically, you tend to be talkative more among close friends and associates than in public scenarios.

Your natural curiosity leads you to acquire information from many sources: books, records, education, news media or gossip.

Unlike a person with Sun in Gemini, who could become scattered or diverse, you have a capacity for working out the problems associated with any project and seeing them through to completion.

You love change and diversity and must be constantly busy to be happy; otherwise, you could become restless.

You possess conversational and/or literary ability, which manifests as clever ideas or witty repartee.

You have considerable manual dexterity which gives ability or fascination in mechanics, gadgetry, arts and crafts, computers, typing or music performance.

Your Rising Sign Is Cancer

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Cancer, you are emotional, changeable, sensitive, nurturing, imaginative and sentimental.

Seeing life from an emotional perspective, you are led by your instinct and intuition, which can be surprisingly accurate.

You are an accomodator, tending to the needs of those in your immediate environment or catering to public needs or desires in such industries as restaurant worker, hotel/motel, real estate or finance.

Your vivid imagination serves you well in creative pursuits and problem-solving scenarios, or can work against you through a tendency to worry.

You have a tenacious memory for things you feel strongly about, especially family matters or historical events.

You possess considerable inner strength, shrewdness and determination which helps bring about the attainment of objectives.

Those with Cancer Ascendant may have sensitivity of the skin; if the skin is fair, over exposure to the sun should be avoided.

Your Rising Sign Is Leo

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Leo, you are dynamic, demonstrative, generous, and enthusiastic.

You have a powerful presence which, by virtue of charisma, talent or leadership ability, commands attention.

Certainly, there is an extroverted tendency which causes you to express yourself with flair or to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Vibrant and lavish in the expenditure of energy when your sympathy or interest is aroused, you tend to be a the center of any project or group activity in which you are engaged.

Generally, there is a need to rule or take charge; you are fond of power and command, usually becoming popular or assuming a leadership role in your social sphere.

You are frank, outspoken and good tempered. If there is a tendency to anger, it usually is short lived.

Capable of embracing high ideals, you do not hold a grudge for long. A kid at heart, you love recreation in all its forms, especially those in which you are physically active or competitive.

Your Rising Sign Is Virgo

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Virgo, you are practical, helpful, conscientious, modest and industrious.

You have a desire for purity or refinement on many levels. This translates to cleanliness of body as well as of spirit, with a tendency to self-examination for the purposes of improving yourself in health, morals and social behavior.

You are health oriented, likely possessing a knowledge of nutrition or medical techniques, or adopting a diet high in vegetable content.

Practical and industriousness, you are at your best when on the job, handling routine tasks or day-to-day affairs with great efficiency.

There is distinct consciousness toward service, which moves you into areas of specialization or technical expertise, or into the accomplishment of practical tasks such as typing, filing, repair, maintenance or paper work.

You may need to be more spontaneous; in social situations, your behavior or words can seem acted out or perfunctory.

Your Rising Sign Is Libra

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Libra, you are courteous, diplomatic, peace loving, relationship-minded and artistic.

The need for a permanent and stable relationship is of paramount importance and a prime motivator in life.

In love with love, you could impulsively throw yourself into a relationship without examining the long-term ramifications.

You do, however, put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into making the relationship work. Considering yourself a ‘people person,’ you love social interaction of all kinds (parties, gatherings, etc.) and are good at sales, negotiations, public relations or matters of diplomacy.

You appreciate beauty in all its forms, which draws you to beauty in nature, the arts, artistic pursuits or design or any kind.

Your taste is definitely refined, giving you an appreciation for finery (good wine, fashion, fine perfume, furnishings, gourmet foods, etc.).

You are ambitious but dislike work you consider menial, demeaning or unclean.

Your Rising Sign Is Scorpio

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Scorpio, you are passionate, determined, secretive and mysterious.

You put great passion and intensity into everything you do, to the point of obsession. Penetrating eyes are one of the most visible characteristics of this Rising Sign, which convey an appearance of ‘looking right through’ people and give evidence of the underlying powers of concentration.

You consider yourself a risk taker, in a sense, feeding on the adrenaline rush of risk ventures, but care should be taken that in extending yourself (your time, money or energy) speculatively, your efforts should lead to beneficial ends rather than doing things for the thrill of it.

You are seeker after truth, on whatever level that truth happens to be (philosophical truth, truth of one’s circumstances, etc.), making it difficult for anyone to deceive you or to put something past you.

Along the same lines, you won’t put up with ‘phonies’ or those whose intentions are less than honorable.

Your Rising Sign Is Sagittarius

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Sagittarius, you are jovial, optimistic, desirous of knowledge and freedom-loving.

You are capable of seeing the ‘big picture’ in any undertaking, well aware of the ramifications of your actions or activities.

You tend to take an authoritative stance in any undertaking, demonstrating expertise and greater-than-average competence.

For this reason, you tend to be independent and your own master. You are frank in your observations, sometimes bluntly so, but your conclusions rarely fail to hit their mark.

Your social consciousness is very strong which inevitably leads to outspoken opinions on politics or current events.

You are a thinker, capable of breadth of understanding on just about any topic, but rather than being ‘high brow’ in style, you relate to others in a frank and jovial manner, keying into the common ground shared by all.

You have an appreciation of cultures and traditions other than your own; for this reason you love to travel.

Your Rising Sign Is Capricorn

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Capricorn, you are serious, practical, shrewd, ambitious, persevering and prudent.

Generally, you bring about a level of stability and control in your life, a result of careful planning and extraordinary common sense.

Associated with this Rising Sign is a holding back on many levels, often manifested as a slow, deliberate manner and subdued speech.

This, however, is part of your appeal, for people tend to take you seriously.

One of your greatest assets for success is your ability to accurately size up people and situations in your life.

Basically, you have the wherewithal to climb the ladder of success in any avocation, especially in large organizations.

Ambitious and persevering, you can work long and hard, enduring conditions that would overwhelm most, without becoming discouraged.

You are generally not demonstrative of your emotions and do not show your sympathy easily, but you prefer ideas over words and actions over promises.

Your Rising Sign Is Aquarius

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Aquarius, you are gregarious, progressive, humanitarian, open-minded and inventive.

You insist on your own individuality, which can be expressed as eccentricity, but this quality may not be apparent until others get to know you better.

With strong humanitarian urges, you could demonstrate a concern for the problems which face all mankind.

You may have a unique gift for experimentation, or trial and error. You are given to investigation of new thought in scientific or metaphysical subjects or in areas of social reform.

You can also have an interest in ‘fringe’ subjects such as occult, astrology, psychism, curious and oddities, UFO phenomena, alien abductions or conspiracy theories.

A love of cooperation draws you to group activities or projects in which a common goal is sought.

You succeed in pursuits where steady application and mental concentration are required, or where cooperation within a group context is necessary.

Your Rising Sign Is Pisces

With your Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Pisces, you are idealistic, imaginative, impressionable, spiritual, intuitive and creative.

The usual weaknesses of Pisces are greatly overcome when Pisces is the Rising Sign.

This is an excellent placement for creative or spiritual pursuits of any kind; almost always, there is a drive to self development on some level.

Often there can be a sense of a mission, life purpose or dream which is meant to be fulfilled.

The recognition of this purpose, however subtle or vague, can influence major life decisions, career orientation and attitudes.

You often pick up on the thoughts, feelings or ‘vibes’ of those around you.

A chameleon-like quality which causes you to unconsciously adapt to your surroundings makes you easily affected by others for better or worse; because of this, your friends should be selected wisely.

Compassionate and forgiving, you desire to help those less fortunate and can identify with their suffering.