Retrograde Mars in Aries 2020

Mars rotates around the zodiac in about two years, remaining in each sign for about six weeks.

Once every two years and two months, it retrogrades and, although the retrograde motion itself lasts only 60-80 days, the entire retrogradation cycle leads to an unusually prolonged stay of Mars in a zodiac sign.

This year, Mars is retrograde in Aries, a sign where it will stay for a bit over six months, between June 28th of 2020 and January 6th of 2021.

Effectively, Mars will be retrograde between September 10th and November 14th .

Mars retrograde in Aries comes with less beneficial influences for all the zodiac signs, which will be felt for about two months.

Mars retrogradation, in general, comes with obstacles in launching activities, and it urges us to maintain peace and neutrality.

The fact that it happens in Aries requires purification at every level, healing the wounds from the past, and no more victimizing and dramatizing.

It requires more confidence in our strength, emotional growing up, and taking responsibility for our actions.

This is how Mars retrograde in Aries will influence each zodiac sign, depending on the astrologic sector where it gets formed!


Those born in Aries will fully sense Mars retrograde influence, considering that Mars is the governor of this sign.

The recommendation for the Aries people is to refrain from making important decisions during the next two months, from getting involved in new projects, and from engaging in conflicts with friends. They need to become more tolerant.


Mars retrogradation will affect the Taurus people in the professional sector, where the astral aspects will facilitate obstacles in fulfilling tasks.

Also, the Taurus people will have two months to reevaluate and reorganize some aspects related to their workplace and additional collaborations.


Those born under the Gemini sign will get affected by Mars retrograde in the sector of travel, study, but also in the sector of life principles and values.

The Gemini people will postpone a journey, or it will take place with more difficulty, and they will need to pay special attention to the road so they can avoid accidents.

Those who wait to receive news about their studies, or admission to a college abroad should expect some delays.


Mars governs the house of career for Cancer, and the retrogradation in Aries will affect their financial sector.

Those born in the Cancer astrological sign will face blockages and delays related to obtaining some money, an inheritance, or a valuable asset.

Those who are expecting a credit might face obstacles in getting it, and the situation is neither pink when it comes to mutual funds with the partner.


Mars retrograde will force Leos to reevaluate their personal and professional sector, namely everything related to partnerships.

They will face dissatisfaction related to some collaboration and association and blockages and delays in professional life.


Virgo’s house of work and health will get affected by Mars retrograde, so it is recommended to be careful at every aspect connected to these domains.

They should make no excess of any kind, no work overload because they will face blockages and delays in fulfilling tasks.

Those with past medical history should go for medical checkup.


Mars retrograde requires Libras to reevaluate their feelings and attitude towards their partners and children, where applicable.

Disappointments and conflicts in the couple might also occur, while the single Libras might have an adventure or can return to a relationship from the past.

Things will get worse also for the Libras who carry out creative or sports activities.


Mars retrograde in Scorpio follows a period of reevaluation in terms of family and location.

The Scorpios will encounter blockages while carrying out actions related to their home, which could mean home renovation, relocation, or renting out a place, but also administrative difficulties.

Also, the relationship with the family members is not peaceful, with conflicts occurring even in household matters.


The Sagittarius must be careful in all the road activities because accidents might occur while travelling.

Mars retrograde can also affect the people who study and take interviews and tests, and the astral aspects recommend caution while driving and in communication, and to avoid any conflicts with the relatives.


The Capricorns will face Mars retrograde in the financial sector, where for two months, they will encounter money issues.

They will have difficulties in receiving some money they are entitled to, and some cash collection might get delayed. The Capricorns should not make any investments during this period but spend money responsibly and moderately.


Those who are born in this sign zodiac sign will go through a period of two months when they are going to be agitated, stressed out, and tempted to make hasty decisions and statements they will regret later on. The astral aspects require calm, patience, and more relaxation.


The Pisces should expect two months when they will feel the need for isolation, meditation, and introspection because Mars retrograde will affect the house of the subconscious.

At the same time, the Pisces need to pay special attention to their health and professional sector, to treat the existing affections, and avoid being overwhelmed by less pleasant situations that may occur at work. They have low energy in fulfilling daily tasks.