What Animal is Pisces in Chinese Zodiac

Pisces- Rabbit

The Chinese animal of the Rabbit corresponds to the European sign of Pisces, so the month of the Rabbit corresponds to the period from February 19 – March 20 of the Pisces sign.

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the Western zodiac, and the Rabbit, the fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac, have many things in common. Both signs are associated with sensitivity, intuition, and creativity, and are known for their kindness, compassion, and peaceful nature.

One of the most prominent similarities between Pisces and the Rabbit is their sensitivity and intuition. Both signs are known for their ability to sense and understand the emotions of those around them, and are able to offer empathy and support. They are both also great at using their intuition to navigate through life, and can be highly perceptive and insightful.

Another common trait between Pisces and the Rabbit is their kindness and compassion. Both signs are known for their ability to care for others and put their needs before their own. They are both also great at creating a sense of peace and harmony in their relationships and the world around them. This makes them great at building strong and supportive communities.

Both signs also share a love for creativity and art. Pisces is known for their artistic abilities and love of self-expression, while the Rabbit is known for their appreciation of beauty and elegance. They are both are always looking to create and appreciate beauty in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Despite these similarities, there are also some differences between Pisces and the Rabbit. Pisces is more sensitive and emotional, while the Rabbit is more reserved and practical. Pisces is also more dreamy and idealistic, while the Rabbit is more focused on the present moment and living in the now.

Pisces Personality

The impressionable, spiritual, and open-minded Pisces sign is represented by the fish. Because fish are instinctive creatures that are acutely responsive to their surroundings, Pisces persons possess psychic qualities. These imaginative and energetic beings are quick to bring ideas to life but do not like to be tied down to the details.

Persons born under the Pisces sign need to find a career path that provides emotional stimulation and allows flexibility and constant exploration of new interests. They need the freedom to develop ideas and will suffer doing tedious and monotonous work.

Many Pisceans are gifted artists and musicians, a career that caters to the imaginative kind. Their compassionate nature makes them instinctive nurturers who do well in the caregiving profession. Their psychic and spiritual qualities can lead them to vocations in the church.   

The above characteristics are the good traits of Pisces. Let’s see the bad traits of the Pisces man and Pisces woman.

What Are the Worst Characteristics of a Pisces?

  1. He is always undecided. He cannot even make a decision without consulting a family member or a friend, even in order to buy something.
  1.  He’s shy. People born in Pisces are extremely shy and this can become a huge obstacle in relationships with other people.
  1. Pisceans make their loved ones the center of their world. This can be overwhelming for those who are uncomfortable with outward displays of affection and attention. They are tender and passionate lovers but their enthusiasm for love can at times feel clingy. This sign avidly seeks a soul mate and is definitely relationship material!
  1. He doesn’t like to work around the house. The Pisces native is very lazy and almost never feels like sweeping the floor or washing a window or mowing the lawn.
  1. Pisces are weak-willed. They are easily hurt and easily become demoralized. Despite all their skills and resources, they often have problems with self-confidence.
  1. They are idealists. They get very emotional about how things are supposed to happen. And because they are so idealistic, even the greatest achievements in one area seem mediocre to them.
  1.  At times, Pisces can develop hyper-sensitivity. They may feel hurt when, in fact, no one intended for them to be harmed.  Pisces simply misinterpret and don’t understand what the intentions of the person who hurt them actually were.
  1. They’re just too romantic. Pisces tend to be old-fashioned when it comes to romance and often fall for passionate gestures of love and affection.

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  1. Luxury and extravagance are characteristic even for those who do not have a great financial status.
  1. Pisces are the type of vulnerable narcissists. This kind of narcissist usually aims to be somewhat more psychologically vulnerable than the other personality types. It makes them feel powerless, insecure and vulnerable when others don’t give them kingly attention. They are concerned about rejection and desertion. 
  1. Pisces are manipulative. Pisces may be able to freely manipulate or influence a companion into doing what they believe is right, while rarely taking the partner’s needs into account.” Nevertheless, there is some hope for Pisces to change this behavior.
  1. Pisces can be aggressive. A Piscean is invariably a whirlwind of emotional turmoil and can be rather self-destructive whenever he or she is furious. They often switch right into this passively offensive mode instead of directly venting their feelings. They won’t ever get up front and deal with it unless you actually do something about it.
  1. Pisces dislike being confrontational. They will typically flee and retreat before having to deal with something. Still, when pressed into a tight corner, they’ll transform into a savage beast attempting to evade, which might result in you being injured.
  1. Pisces is the zodiac’s most introverted astrological sign. They are so withdrawn because they always have one foot in the spirit world – dreaming, wondering and hoping for peace in the world. Pisces are just not preoccupied with being social or wanting to be ” noticed” by the outside world.
  1. Pisces are backstabbers. Pisces is that one buddy who will backstab you while smiling at your face. Pisces is among the most superficial and shallow of zodiac signs, explaining just how they fake friendship when in fact they’re always seeking opportunities to smash you.

Rabbit personality

The Rabbit is a model of virtue and prudence. It is loved for its elegance, good manners, and kindness. The Rabbit speaks softly and has good judgement, which makes it an excellent diplomat and negotiator.

The Rabbit is also worldly and enjoys luxury. However, it hates the unexpected. Its principal concern is to maintain a calm and comfortable life in a peaceful enviroment. Therefore, it dislikes confusion, and at times, the Rabbit is indifferent to things that might cause chaos. The Rabbit is not endowed with great bravery and seeks to avoid all difficulties.

The Rabbit is polite even to their enemies, but beware! The Rabbit has a crafty personality and launch attacks subtlely and deviously.

In love, the Rabbit is sensual but not very faithful. It does not like to become involved in emotions. It hates intrusion in its private life and is distant even to its own family. The Rabbit is also sensitive to criticism.