Pisces- ruled by their feelings

Like the fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisceans are torn between logic and emotion

Pisces folk are ruled by their feelings. This means that they go through life following their emotions, instinctively steering their way rather than working things out logically and rationally.

Intuition is one of their strongest assets, and they possess an inherent talent for tapping into other people’s feelings and automatically sensing their states of mind and soul.

This makes them sensitive and gentle creatures, as well as wonderfully sympathetic companions.

Essentially dreamy and romantic, members of this Sign tend to construct a fairytale world into which they can escape when their own lives get too tough to handle.

At work and play – a wide range of professions suit the gifted and intuitive talents of this group.

For a start, the Piscean sensitivity and empathy call many of these natives into counseling, clinical psychology, and alternative therapies.

Some find their forte working for charitable organizations, or for other caring institutions.

Yet others turn to the world of music, literature and the arts, where they can express their considerable artistic and imaginative abilities, and find fulfillment through creative endeavor.

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In love and relationships – perhaps the most tender-hearted Sign of the Zodiac, belonging to this group makes Piscean people sensitive and vulnerable.

But, because they are so easy-going, and all too often adoring of their partners, Pisceans can be easily put upon.

Loneliness is their biggest fear, and they tolerate a lot so as not to be alone. In the right relationship, however, their romantic, understanding and compassionate natures will hold no bounds.

In health, Pisces rules the feet, and many Pisceans suffer miserably with foot problems throughout their lives.

Consequently, good-fitting shoes, even if expensive, are essential for their well being.

Pisceans are also known for fretfulness and worry, which can take their toll on the stomach and digestive system, leading to ulcers.

They succumb to disease more quickly than most if they follow a poor diet. Psychologically, members of this Sign can all too easily become depressed and some may resort to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to lift their spirits.

Where wealth is concerned, they are trusting souls and in money matters, they really need to be sure of those in whom they place their trust, for many Pisceans have been conned out of their life savings by unscrupulous ‘friends’ or ‘advisers’.

However, members of this Sign are indeed quite capable of generating wealth, usually through their prodigious creative talents – and they are best advised to put their money away safely in a bank.

Personality Keynotes

* Impressionable * Sensitive * Intuitive * Kind * Creative * Artistic *
* Sympathetic * Giving * Understanding * Dreamy * Romantic *
* Sensual * Tender * Soft-hearted * Spiritual * Passive *
* Vague * Irrational * Hapless *


* Symbol – Fish
* Ruling Planet – Neptune
* Element – Water
* Colour – Sea Green
* Flower – Lilac
* Stone – Aquamarine
* Lucky Number – 3
* Lucky Day – Thursday

Pisces Should

* Sometimes take off their rose-tinted glasses
* Learn to stand on their own two feet

Pisces Shouldn’t

* Always follow their emotions
* See themselves as a victim, or play the martyr quite so often