Pisces 2018 Horoscope

Pisces 2018 Overview Horoscope

The abundance available to you this year is found within the relationship you can form with yourself.

The bond that establishes your unique and independent identity and how you can take that out into the world absorbing both knowledge and understanding. It is a year to find the truth of ‘you’ and to learn to rejoice and regale in it. Intuition and imagination runs strong through out the period and inspires many of your goals and projects.

Dreaming your dreams without fear of ridicule or failure and allowing them to merely enhance your life will help you tap into the reality that exists around you and to learn to use both facets of life to make your mark..and find your success. Change arrives in the area of love and helps define your course for the future.

Expect a lot of new energy, new events and new emotional gratification to come from this area of your life. Access your inner child and allow them out to play…it is quite likely that they know precisely where you need to be on that sparkling horizon ahead.


The first part of the year finds bonuses and rewards incoming for efforts you invested in during 2017.

Tuck away any windfalls or unexpected financial pay offs and allow them to help you build a base of security rather than splurging them on a sudden new whim.Security for 2018 is found within how you communicate your ideas and your ideals to the world and is likely to be linked in some way to your finances.

Friendships and siblings play a role in here and learning when to trust their advice and when to trust your own is an important challenge. All in all the realm of finances and material security is under your own power and focusing on what you built in the previous period and making it work for you without losing your motivation helps you feel solid and settled.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.

Jupiter is the giant that brings in the last minute boost to financial matters before moving into your house of communications.

During the first half of the year it allows you to build on your words and your thoughts and will bring in a supportive and empowering relationship that helps nurture your growth. Sibling relationships and sibling like friendships can all be enhanced during the first six months of 2018.

Take advantage of this benevolent aura and make amends where-ever they are needed. You’re also likely to be asked for your support and friendship from those around you…don’t over do it and don’t over extend yourself….this helps you learn moderation and how to be in control of your own energy.

A time to change…a time to grow.

Uranus is penetrating your 12th House this year, Pisces, as it did for the lat couple of years. Intuition is treated to boosts of cosmic lightning and dreams have an uncanny way of coming true.

Your thoughts take on the hues and colors of the universe and with the emphasis on your house of communications how you share them with the world becomes an important focus on where you are linked to the collective.

Learning what things are meant to be shared and which need to remain only as guiding inspirations inside of you helps you relieve some of the angst that can be associated with all of these sudden flashes and insights.

Not everything is meant to be shared..some things are for you…and you alone. Karmic memories and shades of pre-destiny can sail in at anytime and the feeling of deja-vu….will be common.

Keep in mind that much of this is linked to how the world around you is growing and changing…and learn to depersonalize it a bit. Use your imagination in very concrete reality structured ways and expect it to take you on delightful forays into the unknown.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.

Neptune is sharing the house of dreams with Uranus and further influencing your subconscious and your deeply locked away memories. Neptune is your ruling planet and you are most at home with its nebulous and ethereal promises.

You ‘know’ those feelings you have are linked to a reality but it is important to know what to do with them. You are tuned into a different current of energy then the majority of the world around you adn learning to feel the truth and strength of that is one of empowerments that is meant to come out of this glorious transit.

Find a solid way to share what you are feeling and thinking. Feel the truth of it….not as reflected in the outside world but exactly as it is within you.

The most powerful gift of a neptune transit is that it clarifies how to follow its reveries and fantasies….on the inside. Finding its subtle but beautiful song requires looking inside only….and so it is for 2018..

Heal me…Free Me.

Chiron is positioned for the entire year in your house of career. The wounds attached with how you show yourself to the public are under its radiant light. Putting ‘who you are’ in its truth and its own glory out before the world at large is perhaps your deepest fear, Pisces.

Because it is our careers that usually bring us into the most powerful outer world contact, Chirons issues and its healings will likely assimilate in this realm. Learning to trust in your own motives, your education, your abilities and , again, your truth, are the issues it wants you to acknowledge and work with.

Because Pluto is sharing this house with Chiron it will push you to face those fears. Walk through any tendencies to discard your own ideals in favor of someone elses…dare to walk your path..true to only you.

There is a middle ground to meet where you are both upholding your responsibilities and maintaining your individuality and finding it this year will bring in some sweet and powerful cosmic rewards. The greatest of those…is inner belief…peace…and the sense that you have ‘finally’ found your way.

The Past and the Future.

Early in the year there is added influence exerted in your job and career and changes of how you perform your job are likely to take place. Go with the flow and be ready to accept the need to change routines to embrace the future.

The rest of the year finds the strongest literal change in the realm of love, romance, heart and children. New people, new dreams and new creative endeavors are likely to be incoming. All the more important to be walking in your own truth and under your own light .

This prepares you to both enhance and empower your ability to get into the semblance of a love affair.

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