lucky 2017 zodiac signs

The lucky zodiac signs of 2018


The Aries natives are aware that nothing happens if you don’t make it happen, and that’s why they believe they make their own luck. That being said, things tend to come easier for them, but this might have to do with the fact that they are always open to new opportunities. They are always aware of their surroundings and they always meet new people. The Aries has a lot of chances to find these opportunities. read more

Valentine’s day horoscope 2018

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
A powerful passionate momentum is slowly building. Full steam ahead. Throughout all the months of 2018, a spiritual awakening is due to transform your existence, as many dimensions of your fascinating personality suddenly blossom. Robust of spirit, born of fiery determination, the keywords for your rebellious heart, are “set me free.” You have not climbed your highest mountain. For the ardent ram, an enduring love comes calling.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)
Triumph over adversity. Shout it out, “I will survive!” The deep midnight of your life shall come to pass. Courage is the gift of this dynamic year, as you must be strong. Fast moving events will have you living for the moment. Yield to impulse. Enter the enchanted woods if you dare. Many conflicting stellar alignments are compelling you to change your course. You will become one year older, and many years wiser. Intense love is richly deserved, but full of complexity. read more

Chinese horoscope 2018 wrote by our Feng Shui Master

2018 is the Year of the dog in Chinese Astrology. The dog year starts on  February 16th 2018. Sometimes I’ll be going too fast on a short interpretation offered and will look at the Year, and say someone was born in the Year of the dog, let’s say, when they were born in January. But, this isn’t cut and dried. You aren’t a Sheep on Jan 21st and a dog on Jan 22nd. People born at that time are shapeshifting into the next sign. So by January the Sheep characteristics are giving way to the dog; it would be like a dog with a little look of the Sheep left. This applies to all birthdates at the beginning of the year before the next Chinese New Year takes place. read more

zodiac compatibility 2017

Tell Me Who I’m Compatible With!

Tell Me Who I’m Compatible With! This is one of the most frequent requests I receive. Instead of boring you with worn out compatibility rules, here’s the real story. . . . The raw, unvarnished truth is that any sign can work wonders with any other sign — if both parties are passionately committed to make the relationship succeed. That means you can toss out scary warnings about Scorpio and Leo or Cancer and Aries. There are crumbs of truth in these antediluvian laws of compatibility, but they barely skim the surface of our fast paced, long-lived modern world. read more

sun influence astrology

The Sun in the Birth-Chart

For most people, all they know about Astrology is their `Star sign” or what sign the Sun was in at the date of their birth. You know from studying Astrology that there are many important factors that make up a horoscope but that the Sun is the Heart and Centre of the chart. The following is information on the significance of the sign the Sun was in at birth, and most importantly the house position it occupies. The house position of the Sun is very important to how the requirements of the Sun sign are played out in life.

The Sun also represents a strong masculine principle and is often indicative of our father or other strong male figures that enter our life. It can also indicate the physical strength or weakness by its sign, house position and in any aspects that it makes. The Solar aspects within a chart predominate, as it shows how the self expression of the individual will be seen, as either easy or difficult. The main character of each individual will shine through the Sun. Lets look at the 12 signs and how the Sun responds to each one: read more

tuesday horoscope

Tuesday horoscope for all signs

ARIES (March 21-April 19): The Moon moves into Aries’ house and sets the world on fire. Today the Ram is in a mood to charge forward and accomplish something great; and this is exactly what you do. Follow through on new ideas, driving them hard toward the finish line. Rather than being perceived as pushy, other people will be receptive to your ideas and will act upon your encouragement. Whatever you want is within your grasp, so be careful what you wish for. Don’t be afraid to flex your muscles and show off a bit of strength. read more

moon and zodiac signs

Moon in zodiac signs – How Does The Moon Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Moon in Aries:
Good for initiating action, confronting things, for activities requiring enthusiasm & spirit. Tends to give us a sense of urgency…Aries keyword is “NOW.” Aries helps you to be more forceful, direct & competitive; in fact, it feels good to assert oneself. You have more confidence which is good for presentations. Aries is a good sign for making changes, for new beginnings, and working with tools (but be patient). People tend to react quickly. When the Moon is in Aries, try to do something spontaneous…it opens up a brand new perspective. read more