Virgo October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Virgo’s emphasis for October 2018 will shift to finances and personal income as the Sun transits through Libra, and your solar Second House until moving into Scorpio, and your solar Third House of communication, education, neighborhoods and short trips on October 23rd.

The 3rd can see a creative or artistic project reap financial benefits when Sun trines Neptune. In-laws, or those at a distance, may be distracting you on the 6th. Worrisome doubts prevent even a slim chance of underachieving under the torment of Sun square Saturn.

This month’s Full Moon, on the 10th, at 16 Aries, falls in your Solar Eighth House putting the spotlight on financial investments, shared resources, security and an emotional investment as well.

A good day for philosophical and in-depth exploration of the inner workings of your family’s psyche would be the 11th when Sun sextiles Pluto. The 22nd, Sun trine Uranus, could prompt some to initiate a business of their own; a work project may turn out to have great potential. Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 25th; networking doesn’t pay off immediately today, later you can get more affirming feedback.

The New Moon, at 1 Scorpio, comes on October 25th 2018. Falling in your solar Third House where the emphasis is on communication, local travel and writing. If looking for funding for a home project, or innovation, the 30th is your day when Sun trines Mars.

Mercury starts the month in Virgo, transiting your solar First House, allowing you more opportunity to vocalize and promote your own plans and goals. After the 7th Mercury enters Libra, and your solar Second sector, financial discussions and ideas are highlighted, along with your ability to ferret out bargains in the process.

Mercury enters Scorpio, and your solar Third House, a home placement for Mercury, on the 24th. Talks over education, neighborhood matters, transportation and writings are your objective now. Mercury trines Neptune on October 12th. You are charismatic and winning now, figuring out a creative way to obtain and reach goals that previously seemed out of reach. The 14th can be disappointing when that business contact turns out to be unavailable or unreliable, when Mercury squares Saturn.

Good news can bring a business opportunity when Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 16th. The 23rd provides a lucky break to urge you to get out of a rut workwise and to expand any new methods and systems when Mercury trines Uranus.

The 27th, when Mercury trines Mars, can see positive strides and much forward motion perceiving the real issue at hand with a formerly sulky family member. Watch the 30th, when a deceptive co-worker or associate may try to blindside you under the influence of Mercury squaring Neptune. Also watch for a possible misdiagnosis in health matters.

The days of October begin with Venus in Libra, and your solar Second House. At that time your attention will be focused on your finances, personal worth and belongings–buying and accumulating–and bargains. Venus continues, moving into Scorpio and your solar Third House, on the 8th. You may fall under the spell of a dramatic and bigger than life person through your travels, a lecture or in your own neighborhood haunts. Strive to keep harmonious expression uppermost in your mind.

If looking for romance, the trine between Venus and Uranus on the 8th can be exciting as you meet a romantic possibility that appeals to your creative and unconventional side. The fun continues when Venus and Mars in a passionate trine promises a romantic night to remember on October 10th. Your affection is easily manipulated and your love nature vulnerable on the 17th when Venus and Neptune clash in a tense square. Remember the drill: “if it sounds too good to be true”, you’d be wise to stay clear.

The 18th is also favorable for romance and artistic projects when Venus sextiles Jupiter. Meetings with lawyers, travel agents, paralegals and publishers pleasantly advance your objectives on October 20th, when Venus trines Saturn.

October finds Mars in Pisces, and your solar Seventh House of partners, making your relationships more ardent and passionate. Now that Mars is back in direct motion, after an exhausting two months in retrograde condition, look for Seventh House conditions to pick up steam, although this may continue to be slow and steady since Mars makes no major aspects this month. Club participation and social events with friends can meet with some delays and revision when Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th.

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