Taurus October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun will occupy Libra and your solar Sixth House, putting the spotlight on work, physical health, and daily routines until October 23rd 2018 when it enters Scorpio, and your solar Seventh House, with the emphasis on other people, along with close and intimate partnerships.

Honors and recognition can increase your value and net you a job offer worth considering, on the 3rd, when Sun trines Neptune. The 6th brings repressive obstacles with slow momentum and tight finances when Sun squares Saturn. October’s Full Moon, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, in your solar Twelfth House, finds you cultivating private moments and seeking more solitude and privacy.

If any building expansion and home improvement projects are looming on your agenda, the 11th, good be a good day to secure mortgage or home repair loans, when Sun sextiles Pluto. October 22nd, with a trine between Sun and Uranus, could see a job offer under unusual or odd circumstances. More independent and adventuresome types could even venture off and start their own business.

Sun conjoins Mercury on the 25th, investment offers are highlighted. Words of love (“so soft and tender”) are transforming now. The New Moon for October, at 1 Scorpio, on the 25th, enhances partnership endeavors. A new project launched now has public appeal. The 30th, when Sun trines Mars, may bring the knock of opportunity over a confidential financial tip. You can benefit from a special gift.

Venus is still in Libra, where it is “at home”, and your solar Sixth House. A romance on the job, at a health club or while out jogging is just the ticket now. However, it’s not a good time to start a diet; you’re feeling way to self-indulgent and lack th discipline to make it work. Venus then moves on to Scorpio, on the 9th, and your solar Seventh House of partnerships and intimate alliances. A good time to renew and affirm those close and loving feelings between the two of you.

Higher-up’s are impressed with your insight and ability to seize an unusual solution on the 8th, when Venus trines Uranus; an assignment that could bring you recognition. Venus and Mars join in a happy trine, on the 10th A new acquaintance presents an exciting romantic proposition. Take any business interactions with a well weathered grain of salt and be very cautious when Venus squares Neptune, on October 17th; a family member could be pulling the wool over your eyes big time.

If looking to deal with real estate agents, bankers or insurance agents schedule such matters on October 18th, when Venus sextiles Jupiter. The 20th, under a Venus trine Saturn aspect, a business excursion may be more productive than originally planned. Also a good day to perform your obligations and duties; you’ll feel more gracious and caring at that time.

Mars continues in Pisces, only this time in direct motion, finally after two months in retrograde. However, the energetic Red Planet makes no major aspects this month, so the return to direct motion may be a bit anti-clamatic. Mars continues in your solar Eleventh House energizing your social activities, group activities and time with friends. Your high energy is infectious. Hmmm, maybe antibiotics would help. 😉 Difficulties and misunderstandings among neighbors and siblings can revive old hurts with Saturn turning retrograde on October 25th 2018.

Mercury begins October, still in Virgo, and in your solar Fifth House with your thoughts and ideas taking a more creative turn, centering around children and recreational activities, and sporting events—enjoy the last of the warm weather before Fall’s chill sets in. On October 7th, Mercury moves on to Libra and your solar Sixth House, a good time for work meetings, and discussions with co-workers that can enhance your productivity. Health matters under discussion can proceed smoothly.

Open and frank discussions center around partnership concerns, alliances and relationships when Mercury enters Scorpio and your solar Seventh House on the 24th. Socializing can benefit your career on the 12th when Mercury trines Neptune. The 14th can be depressing and draining when Mercury squares Saturn; isn’t there one person in the whole world who understands what you mean??

The 16th can see business and monetary advances from unconventional and unexpected sources when Mercury sextiles Pluto. Follow your intuition concerning a career matter on the 23rd when Mercury trines Uranus. Being out of step with the status quo can be invigorating now.

The 27th would be a good day for family members to discuss their investment plans and strategy under the benefical influence of Mercury trine Mars. Some adverse aspects crop up especially on the 30th when Mercury squares Neptune; don’t fall for a sob story, what you hear isn’t entirely true or reliable.

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