Scorpio October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

With the Sun in Libra, and your solar Twelfth House, you may be developing your own qualities of inner resourcefulness. In order to wind up some unfinished projects, you could seek out some private time in seclusion and solitude. The Sun crosses your Ascendant, entering Scorpio, on October 23rd 2018.

At that time the spotlight will be on you, your copious magnetism, personal goals and achievements.

The 3rd brings an inner peace as family and domestic concerns are eased. Your intuition is highly tuned when Sun trines Neptune. On the 6th, when Sun squares Saturn, partnership issues conflict with group and friendly socializing; you’re not likely to express much enthusiasm in either one.

This month’s Full Moon, at 16 Aries, on October 10th, falls in your solar Sixth House, where the emphasis shifts to work, schedules, diets, health and daily habits.

The 11th could see a dynamic job offer or a valuable promotion, when Sun sextiles Pluto. Sun trine Uranus on the 22nd, why not try something different and offbeat if you are going for home decorating and improvements. Family members are open to trying something different. Change is good. Sun conjoins Mercury on the 25th, you will be outspoken and forthright in your opinions tonight.At least everyone knows where you stand.

The New Moon, at 1 Scorpio comes on October 25th, landing in your solar First House, spotlighting you and your personal goals and objectives. Easy come, easy go could be your motto on the 30th, when Sun trines Mars. Work pays off in a handsome cash reward, but it could disappear just as easily.

Venus begins October, still in Libra, your solar Twelfth House, taking you out of the thick of things for a while. You may prefer to enjoy some quiet, peaceful solitude; especially if you wish to spent more cozy time with a particularly special person. You’ll have amble opportunity to indulge in that scenario during this cycle; be careful to avoid romantic doublecrossing. On the 9th Venus crosses your Ascendant and enters Scorpio, putting the emphasis on your leadership and personal confidence, enhancing your appearance, giving your charm and charisma. New projects or beginnings are favored for Scorpios now.

The 8th is a good day for study and meditation. You can tackle a home project and make great strides. A loved one is unusually affectionate when Venus trines Uranus. Mars and Venus are in a very nice trine on the 10th; take advantage of this trend to pursue romance and to deepen affectionate bonds. Be sure that you don’t confide in a two-faced person who would betray your confidence when Venus squares Neptune on October 17th.

The 18th is a good day for research, writings and projects requiring mental concentration when Venus sextiles Jupiter. The trine between Venus and Saturn, on the 20th, would be a good day for home construction projects and to spruce up and beautify the home. Purchases made now have an eye to long lasting value.

Mars begins October 2018, still in Pisces, and your solar Fifth house. Watch contentiousness with lovers and children, or channel your aggression into appropriate lusty and amorous activities. Projects and goals are back on track, but expect some foot dragging to continue this month because no major aspects are activating the usually active and energetic Mars. Travel plans and educational pursuits may stagnant or suffer from delayed plans when Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th.

October begins with Mercury still occupying Virgo, and your solar Eleventh House bringing lively and stimulating discussions with friends and associates. Mercury entering Libra, and your solar Twelfth House, on the 7th, is a good cycle for time spent in seclusion and solace. Use this opportunity to catch up on your reading and correspondence; meditation can clear away the cobwebs in your thinking as well. Take advantage of this low-key time to sort out your thoughts.

Mercury moves into Scorpio, and your solar First House, as of the 24th. This would be a good time to promote your personal objectives and projects while the spotlight in this sector makes you more goal oriented. A secret love can be a dream come true on October 12th, when Mercury trines Neptune. The 14th can bring some depression with a pessimistic Mercury square Saturn, you could feel dull and disinterested in events around you.

The 16th is spectacular as a financial investment tip proves fruitful, when Mercury sextiles Pluto. Intellectual activities and original thinking characterize the Mercury trine Uranus on the 23rd. Family members are refreshingly like-minded.

The 27th brings a pleasant turn of events, financially and professionally, when Mercury trines Mars. Someone at home, or in the family, is being deceptive and hedgy, be on your toes as Mercury squares Neptune on the 30th.

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