Sagittarius October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

As the Sun travels through your solar Eleventh House, the spotlight for this month will be on friends, group associations, achieving your highest aims and social and humanitarian interactions. On October 23rd 2018, the Sun moves into Scorpio, and your solar Twelfth House when the pace will slow down, and you’ll become more introspective valuing your privacy and solitude.

The 3rd can provide words of inspiration and encouragement. Maybe an honorable recognition from a club or group to which you have sacrificed and devoted your time and efforts when Sun trines Neptune.

The 6th can be frustrating when work and job responsibilities conflict with educational and travel plans, conflicts in schedules can be cause for revision when Sun squares hard-nosed Saturn. With the Full Moon on the 10th, at 17 Pisces, in your solar Fifth House, the emphasis will be on fun, love, romance, children and creative activities.

Ego needs and your determination to advance your own agenda can be enhanced on the 11th when Sun sextiles Pluto, although a change in future goals can work out for the better. Sun trine Uranus on October 22nd 2018, an associates ideas and thoughts are positively ingenious. Sun conjunct Mercury on the 25th, enhances your intuitive faculties.

The New Moon, at 1 Scorpio, comes on the 25th, landing in your solar Twelfth House. Here the highlight will be on introspective and private thoughts, and time spent in seclusion and exile. Creative and artistic projects that require physical stamina are favored on October 30th, when Sun trines Mars. An exciting romantic opportunity may be to your advantage.

Mercury continues in Virgo, in your solar Tenth House of career interests; a good time for job interviews, networking and making contacts with individuals who can advance your interests. On the 7th, Mercury enters Libra, and your solar Eleventh House of friends, group associations, and your highest goals and aspirations. A good time to enjoy the whirl-wind of an enhanced social life.

Mercury enters Scorpio, and your solar Twelfth House on the 24th; a good cycle for time spent in seclusion and solace. Use this opportunity to catch up on your reading and correspondence, meditation can clear away the cobwebs in your thinking as well. Take advantage of this low-key time to sort out your thoughts. Mercury trines Neptune, on October 12th, stimulating your imagination and your intuitive abilities. On the 14th, Mercury squares Saturn bringing a tedious and plodding situation at work to deal with, feeling uninspired now doesn’t help any.

The 16th is an ideal day for romance and social activities when Mercury sextiles Pluto. A grand day for new friendships and meeting people with some intriguing and innovative thoughts and ideas would be October 23rd, when Mercury trines Uranus.

The 27th can be productive when Mercury joins Mars in a beneficial trine. A good time for a talk that bares the soul. Watch the 30th when Mercury squares Neptune. Someone wants you to accept what they tell you as gospel without reading the fine print. Don’t you believe it.

October opens with Venus still in Libra, and your solar Eleventh House of friends and social groups, income from business, and your highest aspirations and ideals. A good time to take advantage of beneficial conditions while events are working in your favor.

After the 9th, Venus moves into Scorpio and your solar Twelfth House, when the pace may slow down compared to the social whirlwind your experienced last cycle. Now you may prefer more intimate, one-on-one moments where you feel more comfortable showing your more emotional and sensitive nature. Some may take advantage of this solitude to work on an artistic or musical project; others will find this time an inspiration to greater heights of expression.

The trine between Venus and Uranus augments your social sparkle and charm. You could meet an electrifying individual; romance is shiny and new on the 8th. On the 10th Venus and Mars, in a harmonious trine, promise some romantic sizzle. Take advantage of a cozy and intimate situation to perk up your mood. A friend could mis-understand and rewire your intentions for their own advantage when Venus squares Neptune on October 17th; don’t be conned by false innocence.

The 18th can bring an opportunity for pleasant travel and philosophical discussions with friends and other kindred spirits, when Venus and Jupiter meet in a harmonious sextile. Look for assistance and guidance from an older, more established person, on the job front, when Venus trines Saturn on the 20th. This person could help you advance your ideas and goals more productively.

Mars starts the month still in Pisces, and your solar Fourth House. Bringing a good time for home improvement projects and construction. Any projects in that regard that may have been on the back-burner are on track with Mars in direct motion once again. Things may need a nudge or two to get going since Mars lacks much activity this month, making no major aspects. Home loans, mortgages, insurance and shared resources can see disappointing reversals of fortune when Saturn turns retrograde on October 25th 2018.

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