Pisces October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

October 2018 opens to find the Sun in Libra, and your solar Eighth House of shared financial resources, investments, credit and managing others money and security.

On October 23rd Sun enters Scorpio, and your solar Ninth House, where the focus of interest shifts to travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits.

Sun trine Neptune on the 3rd stimulates your creative imagination. You could get a real brainstorm idea with some good investment potential. Investigate the possibilities. Sun square Saturn, on the 6th, can indicate your ability to communicate with superiors is not at its best form. Office projects or presentations would best be put off for another day if possible. The Full Moon for October, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, falls in your solar Second House, putting the emphasis on your finances and earning power. Self-worth and possessions are closely linked.

The sextile between Sun and Pluto on the 11th can bring a plum assignment or a more autonomous position your way. On the 22nd unexpected good news arrives concerning a financial situation, in your favor, when Sun trines Uranus. Sun conjunct Mercury on the 25th, indicates that your thoughts may not be totally focused, but later the puzzle fits.

The New Moon comes on October 25th, at 1 Scorpio. Placed in your solar Ninth House, the focus turns to travel, long-term education, philosophy, foreign matters, and religion. The 30th, Sun trine Mars, can give you the energy boost necessary to shine and get noticed. Your intensity and focus can pay off in a financial incentive.

October beings with Mercury occupying Virgo, in your solar Seventh House with the spotlight turning to domestic and partnership matters; some may discuss plans for a new residence and start the process of looking for better digs. October 7th finds Mercury entering Libra and your solar Eighth House giving you a good chance for profitable discussions and interactions with bankers, and related financial advisors. Expect open discussions to center around shared resources, and investments.

As of the 24th Mercury is in Scorpio and your solar Ninth House, opening up animated discussions on education, travel plans, legal matters and foreign concerns. Contact and communication with in-laws will increase for some. Mercury trines Neptune on the 12th, stimulating your spiritual imagination. A good, productive, day for artists and writers-you know..sensitive people, poets, musicians..your girlfriend after too much wine… The 14th when Mercury squares Saturn, can see you feeling overburdened and imposed upon. Continue to plow through your workload and make the best of a tedious situation.

The 16th promises to be an enjoyable day with the possibility of praise and recognition from higher-ups, especially for your efforts; homelife is cozy and harmonious, as well. Mercury trine Uranus on the 23rd could put a new financial plan in working order.

The 27th can be promising when Mercury trines Mars and higher-up’s see what you know and what you can do, and are favorably impressed. The 30th takes some finesse, when Mercury squares Neptune; a secret, behind the scenes deal may be used to your detriment. Don’t accept anything on face value, especially when signing documents and contracts.

The start of October sees Venus in Libra and your solar Eighth House of shared resources, legacies, insurance and mortgage matters, taxes, matters dealing with estates of the dead, and sexual issues. After the 9th Venus will ingress into Scorpio and your solar Ninth House. The spotlight will now be on religious matters, higher education, the law, philosophy, and matters at a distance. Watch that Venus’s influence doesn’t cost you in bad judgmental errors due to wishful thinking or mental laziness.

Venus trine Uranus, on October 8th 2018, can bring an unexpected and unlikely romantic attraction, but one who stimulates your imagination just the same. On the 10th Venus and Mars, in a nice, harmonious trine, can bring a new romantic prospect your way; a foreign charmer is alluring now. The 17th turns tricky, Venus squares Neptune and someone to whom you reveal too much could betray your confidence.

Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 18th, chances are good for a positive outcome concerning a loan or mortgage, just in time to redecorate and beautify your lovely abode. Solid and dependable feelings of love will be on your mind on October 20th, when Venus trines Saturn. Your romance can reach a more stable and reliable level now.

Love, pleasure and creative endeavors may experience some dreary delays, or get rewired into other channels, when Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th. It appears that you and a close tie can’t find much to agree on.

Mars begins October continuing the sojourn through Pisces and your solar First House. You’ll be more active, alert and sharp-witted. Maybe even a bit bossy and sharp-tongued, since Mars in the First tends to ride rough on the herds. Not much activity to speak of, even with Mars back in direct motion. Alas, Mars makes no major aspects this month. Tsk, tsk. But, being a malefic planet, that’s a good thing!

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