Libra October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Sun in your sign brings you a chance to ply your abundant charm and persuasion by championing your own agenda and objectives,when the Sun’s beams shine on your solar First House, with the emphasis on you, your goals and aspirations.

After October 23rd 2018, the emphasis shifts to personal income, values and financial concerns when the Sun enters Scorpio, and your solar Second House. A my stuff/your stuff issue may need to be dealt with.

The inspirational trine between Sun and Neptune, on the 3rd, can bring an ideal hobby or artistic project that well enhances your creative expression. The 6th, when Sun squares Saturn, can give challenge to a confidential situation at a distance, maybe involving a legal or educational matter. The Full Moon, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, falls in your solar Seventh House; with the focus on partnership and relationship matters; a good time to initiate a new one or put new spark into an existing one.

The 11th, when Sun sextiles Pluto can advance your speaking and writing skills, a good time to address a group with like concerns. Sun trines Uranus on October 22nd, a good day to take a chance; a lottery ticket, a new outlook, maybe a new love. Take a chance, try something new. Sun conjoins Mercury on October 25th, making this a good shopping day, and for Librans, isn’t every day a good shopping day?? But this one is exceptional.

October’s New Moon, at 1 Scorpio, comes on the 25th. Falling in your solar Second House, the emphasis is on new financial endeavors and economic ventures. Hot romantic prospects turn the tables, in a positive way, when Sun joins Mars in a stimulating trine on the 30th.

Venus starts out October in Libra, putting the emphasis on your leadership and personal confidence, enhancing your appearance, giving your charm and charisma. New projects or beginnings are favored for Librans now. On the 9th, Venus enters Scorpio and your solar Second House. You may be heading towards a more rewarding financial situation, with Venus ready to bestow some long awaited blessings on you. This would be a good time to showcase your creative talent with an eye to getting top dollar to compensate for your efforts.

You’ll have a big dose of confidence and self assurance to meet any situation with success, when Venus trines Uranus on October 8th; love and romance can take an unexpected turn. The 10th brings a lovely romantic trine between loving Venus and energetic Mars. A romantic interlude is high on your agenda. A romantic charmer falls under your spell when Venus squares Neptune on the 17th. Keep your dealing straight forward and above board.

Whatever you have planned, romance, a trip, business meetings, will go very well on the 18th, when Venus sextiles Jupiter. The 20th is a great day for dealings with property managers, real estate agents and the like, when Venus trines Saturn. If house hunting you may find a residence to your liking in an older, quieter neighborhood.

October opens with Mars still in Pisces and your solar Sixth house, making you more dynamic with abundant energy and robust health. Tedious work projects will go faster now. However, be warned: Mars will not have much energy or zeal to show this month since the Red Planet makes no major aspects this month. Saturn turning retrograde on the 25th can see professional circumstances turning around with predictably dismal results. Recognition and compensation for a job well done may not be forthcoming now.

With Mercury in Virgo in your solar Twelfth House, you will feel less like socializing and more quiet and introspective; a good time to catch up on unfinished business behind the scenes. After October 7th 2018, Mercury enters Libra, crossing your Ascendant and showcasing your ideas and goals; a good time to press for your own objectives now that you have added self-confidence to make your goals a reality.

On the 24th Mercury enters Scorpio and your solar Second sector. Financial discussions and debates, along with your ability to sniff out a good bargain in the process continue in fine form. The 12th would be a wonderful day for expressing your deepest, romantic feelings. A pleasant experience all the way around when Mercury trines Neptune. Mercury squaring Saturn on the 14th could see you being taken advantage of and dealing with confidential matters. Keeping this secret can put you in a no win situation.

If interested in advancing your education, writing, teaching or study interests, a great day to start would be the 16th. This gives you the advantage of a beneficial sextile between Mercury and Pluto, always good for getting to the depth of a situation. Mercury trines Uranus on October 23rd, heightening your creative thinking, giving you an original, unique mode of expression. This is a good time for an exciting flirtation with an intriguing individual.

On October 27th, Mercury trines Mars. Associates can give you a great suggestion giving the green light to communication projects and endeavors. Watch for deception and being suckered into a loved one’s word games on the 30th, when Mercury squares Neptune.

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