Leo October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The spotlight for the passionately adventuresome among you turns to neighborhoods, local travel, education, and communications as the Sun occupies Libra, and your solar Third House until October 23rd 2018. After that, the spotlight shifts to domestic and family concerns as the Sun enters Scorpio, and your solar Fourth house.


A trusted partner or mate has a better spiritual plan on the 3rd when Sun trines Neptune. Indulge a shared hobby like dance, art or photography. The 6th can be disappointing when you realize you may not be considered the best person for the job when Sun squares Saturn.

The Full Moon for October, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, falls in your solar Ninth House, focusing your attention on education, travel, religion, legal matters, publishing and in-laws.

The 11th can bring a lucky exposure to your pet artistic and creative endeavors when Sun sextiles Pluto. Sun trines Uranus on October 22nd, bringing exciting and stimulating exchanges between couples, planning for a bright future or travel is in order. Sun conjoins Mercury on the 25th; family discussions are productive now.

October’s New Moon, on October 25th 2018, at 1 Scorpio, falls in your Solar Fourth House. With the attention on family and domestic situations, this would be a good time to launch home repairs and decoration projects. Romantic travel is favored, on October 30th 2018, when Sun trines Mars. Vacation plans promise busy fun and variety.

Mercury remains in Virgo, in your solar Second House, with financial discussions and many trips bargain hunting. Look for the pace to pick up now that Mercury has returned to direct motion. After the 7th Mercury moves into Libra, and your solar Third House, a home placement for Mercury. There your focus will turn to communications and discussions surrounding education, neighborhood matters, transportation and writings; a good time to fine tune a journal or creative project you’ve been working on.

Mercury continues, entering Scorpio and your solar Fourth House of home, family and domestic matters on the 24th. Discussions and communications pertaining to the affairs and conditions of a parent, or other family member are on your mind now. The October 12th would be a great day for romance and social interacting when Mercury trines Neptune. On the 14th, Mercury squares Saturn with a disappointing development in a career or financial condition.

Romance and a special friendship can be compelling as your affections deepen on the 16th. A stellar day when Mercury sextiles Pluto. An easy out to what you may have thought was an impossible situation can present itself on the 23rd when Mercury trines Uranus. Mates and partners can be thought provoking and stimulating.

The 27th brings organizational and planning skills into focus on a creative project, when Mercury trines Mars. Watch the October 30th 2018, when Mercury squares Neptune, especially when partners may be too optimistic for their, and your, own good.

October sees Venus still in Libra, and occupies your solar Third House. Look for matters dealing with communications, discussions, neighborhood issues, personal correspondence, short trips and education to be uppermost in your mind and activities. The 9th finds Venus entering Scorpio, and your solar Fourth House with the spotlight shifting to your home, family, domestic interests and matters dealing with the concerns of a parent.

The 8th could bring you an offbeat new love in an odd or unexpected fashion. Creativity is inspiring and your ideas are spontaneous and electrifying when Venus trines Uranus. Venus trines Mars on the 10th, accentuating romance and close times. A partner can have some odd ideas that just could be workable. You could be the recipient of disappointing news when Venus squares Neptune on the 17th. Expectations of a partner sorely misses the mark.

The 18th is also favorable for romance and artistic projects when Venus sextiles Jupiter. Your charm and diplomacy can serve you well on October 20th, when Venus trine Saturn can gain you recognition and advances in your career.

Mars begins October still entrenched in Pisces, but now back in direct motion, although not much activity is promised with Mars making no major aspect this month. For you the focus will be on your solar Eighth House, putting shared resources, money, investments, conditions of the dead, legacies, property and sexual activities under the gun. (Sex under the gun?? Jeez, you people are way too kinky for me!) Behind the scenes projects or research may develop snags and delays after Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th. Social gatherings and events have little appeal to you now.

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