Gemini October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun occupies Libra, and your solar Fifth House where it’s “at home”, due to its rulership of Leo, the natural ruler of the Fifth. Romance, entertainment, sports, games and just general fun could be on tap for you at the beginning of the month. The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23rd 2018, and your solar Sixth House of work, health and daily habits.

A rare chance to pursue an ideal opportunity relevant to education, publishing or even a dream voyage could present itself on the 3rd when Sun trines Neptune. Watch the 6th when Sun square Saturn could hand you some tedious responsibilities and duties on the home front. The Full Moon for October, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, falls in your solar Eleventh House bringing the focus on socializing, group activities and meetings with friends.

Deeper and more meaningful understanding with domestic partners can be reached on the 11th, when Sun sextiles Pluto. On the 22nd, Sun trines Uranus, with a good time for travel or educational pursuits. Sun conjoins Mercury on the 25th; workmates are cooperative. Working together you can conquer your tasks.

The New Moon comes at the end of October, on October 25th to be exact, at 1 Scorpio, putting the spotlight on jobs, career and daily habits and your solar Sixth House. The trine between Sun and Mars, on the 30th, could bring you the energy and drive necessary to realize your goals.

October starts with Mercury still in Virgo, and occupying your solar Fourth House. Family and home conditions, home re-decorating and remodeling projects, along with family get togethers are highlighted. Romance, recreation and entertainment move to the top of your list, and your thoughts, with Mercury in Libra, and your solar Fifth House as of the 7th.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 24th, and your solar Sixth House. Work meetings, and discussions with co-workers may have bogged down your productivity. Look for an improvement in health matters under discussion to proceed more smoothly. Creative and spiritual endeavors can be inspiring on October 12th, when Mercury trines Neptune; romantic thoughts are dreams come true. The 14th can be dull and uninspiring when Mercury squares Saturn.

Positive aspects between Mercury and Pluto increase your charisma and mystery on the 16th, a good day to promote your personal agenda. The 23rd favors computer and high-tech purchases as Mercury trines Uranus. In-laws and foreigners offer unusual insight tonight.

Mercury trine Mars, on October 27th, can bring positive results in heart to heart talks with partners. Watch the 30th when associates, at a distance, could be deceptive and untruthful when Mercury squares Neptune.

The opening of October finds Venus still in Libra, and your solar Fifth House with the emphasis on love, romance, children, sporting events, hobbies, creativity, love, romance. Did I mention love and romance?? After the 9th, Venus enters Scorpio and your solar Sixth House, putting the spotlight on your occupation, health, relationships with co-workers the services you may offer. Your ability to fascinate and cother handothers should be used to your advantage now.

Love at first sight could be with exotic foreign encounters on the 8th, as Venus trines Uranus. On the otherhand, romance, maybe on the job or in a health spa, can bloom when loving Venus and lusty Mars are in a harmonious trine aspect on the 10th. For married partners, the glow deepens and in-laws are pleasant and interesting. Venus square Neptune on October 17th 2018 can lead to the pangs of unrequited love, don’t fall for a con job from a charmer, especially one in your own circle.

The 18th sees an opportune time for real estate and dealings with financial institutions when Venus sextiles Jupiter, providing an air of fun and camaraderie. You’ll find the loving support you need to weather the storm on October 20th, when Venus trines Saturn. A loving bond can deepen and stabilize now.

The Red Planet continues in Pisces, and your solar Tenth house, highlighting and activating career and business matters. Mars has now turned direct…finally! After two months in retrograde motion. The usual pick up of energy and zest may still be lacking this month since Mars makes no major aspects to speak of. Your normally frugal practices and outlook could take a 180 reversal when Saturn turns retrograde on October 25th. Unexpected hardships and circumstances may delay savings and deplete funds.

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