Capricorn October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

October 2018 opens with the Sun in Libra, and your solar Tenth House of career and profession, where the spotlight shifts to work and business concerns.

On the 23rd Sun moves into Scorpio, and your solar Eleventh House of friends, associates, income from work as well as side ventures, and your highest goals and aspirations.

Brotherly love and universal understanding is the order when Sun trines Neptune on the 3rd. Far out…where are my hippie beads?? Your artistic imagination is keen and inspired now. Sun square Saturn on the 6th can be exhausting and debilitating as partnership matters take a negative turn over a philosophical difference of opinion. The Full Moon for October, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, puts the spotlight on domestic matters, home and family, as it falls in your solar Fourth House.

A confidential investment tip may come your way, maybe by accidentally being in the right place at the right time, on the 11th, when Sun sextiles Pluto. Sun trine Uranus on October 22nd, an idea for a business venture can hit you like a flash of lightening. Sun conjunct Mercury on the 25th makes you a social butterfly tonight.

The New Moon on the 25th, at 1 Scorpio activates your Solar Eleventh, putting the focus on friends, group associations and your personal goals. The beneficial trine between Sun and Mars, on the 30th, gives you the energy and impetus to tackle your Spring Cleaning projects. Also a good time to clear out the cobwebs in your mind, and make way for a new attitude.

Mercury starts the month in Virgo, occupying your solar Ninth House, where travel plans, educational goals and legal matters occupy the top of your discussions. After the 7th, Mercury moves into Libra, and your natal Tenth House where the spotlight will be on your career and profession, status and the affairs of a parent. This cycle would be a good time for communications and to schedule job interviews and to network with professional associates and take advantage of their contacts.

On the 24th, Mercury moves on to Scorpio and in your solar Eleventh House of friends, group associations, and your highest goals and aspirations. This position enhances your social life, look for times with friends to perk up and the charm of socializing and the excitement of the night life to be the center of activity at this time. The trine between Mercury and Neptune on October 12th, can bring a financial backer and monetary support for a business project. The 14th, when Mercury square Saturn, leaves you trudging through a boring, ponderous work assignment. Maybe your health could get a boost at this time. Don’t let stress and temporary depression take its toll.

The 16th promises to progress nicely as higher-up’s appreciate your insight and perceptions when Mercury sextiles Pluto. The series of beneficial Mercury aspects continue on the 23rd when Uranus receives a fortunate trine. An unusual source for a financial tip or good news can be yours. A career advance can come from an unexpected source.

Things lighten up considerably on October 27th when Mercury trines Mars, and work conditions reach a pleasant meeting of the minds. The 30th, when Mercury squares Neptune, could see some deception concerning a contract or document with a financial overtone. Read all the fine print and insist on a completed copy before you sign.

October kicks off with Venus in Libra, occupying your solar Tenth House of status and professional standing, the interests of a parent, your career, and dealings with anyone in authority. A good time for job advances and for being seen in a favorable light by higher-ups. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th and your solar Eleventh House, making you more sociable, outgoing and caught up in a lively round of parties and good times. Luck could come from friends or a beneficial association.

The 8th can bring an exciting and tingling romantic encounter when Venus trines Uranus; change is very good. Venus and Mars are joined in a cozy trine, putting the spotlight on romance and good times, on October 10th 2018. You could lose something of value on October 17th, when Venus and Neptune tangle in a challenging square. Your thinking isn’t clear and your head could be in the clouds. Pay attention.

The 18th, when Venus sextiles Jupiter, would be a good day when co-workers are in mutual agreement. The 20th is a great time for socializing. Recreational and fun times are favored when Venus trines Saturn. A love affair can become more solid and stable now.

October begins with Mars still in Pisces, but now in direct motion, and your solar Third, making communications, neighborhood concerns, siblings, short trips, and news more lively and interesting. You’ll be more outgoing and talkative. Mars steals the show by being out of the dreaded retrograde condition now; no other planet besides Mars reacts so badly to being in the repressed, held-back state of retrograde, but activity continues to be lacking since Mars is making no major aspects this month.

An authoritarian and bossy attitude towards partners can earn you the “traffic cop” reputation on October 25th 2018, when Saturn turns retrograde. A lenient and compromising approach can be more effective.

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