Cancer October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

October 2018 begins with the Sun, in Libra, occupying your solar Fourth House, with the emphasis on home, family and domestic concerns. Attending to home and family matters will be high on your agenda for this month, until the 23rd.

After that Sol moves on to Scorpio, a fellow Water sign, and your solar Fifth House of pleasurable pursuits, artistic and creative interests, romance and children.

Play your hunch and trust your perceptive powers when Sun trines Neptune on the 3rd. Group involvement can be lackluster and socializing uninspiring when Sun squares Saturn on the 6th. The Full Moon, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, activates your solar Tenth, spotlighting your career matters and professional interests.


Good news about a better, more meaningful, position could come your way on the 11th when Sun sextiles Pluto. Sun trine Uranus on October 22nd 2018 features favorably expanding dealings with real estate agents, brokers, and insurance agents. Sun conjoins Mercury on the 25th, follow your hunch, your intuition is keen now.

The New Moon for October comes on October 25th, at 1 Scorpio. This one highlights your solar Fifth House of romance, creativity and games of sport and chance. The Sun/Mars trine, on the 30th, encourages forward momentum with work related projects. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Venus kicks off October still in Libra, and your solar Fourth House with the spotlight turning to home and domestic concerns. This would be a good time for some redecorating projects to spruce up the old homestead. After October 9th 2018, Venus enters Scorpio, and your solar Fifth House, with the emphasis on romance, love, pleasure and good times. Watch that you don’t overindulge yourself and become indolent and lazy.

You’re charming and charismatic on the 8th when Venus trines Uranus. Insight into funding for a home decorating project could come from an unexpected source. Mars and Venus in a trine aspect can heat up romance considerably, especially with a hot new prospect on the 10th. Watch for cunning and conniving charmers on October 17th, when Venus squares Neptune. Funds for a family endeavor may only be on paper, not in reality.

The 18th can bring mental interaction with an associate that can provide a valuable solution to a domestic/career dilemma when Venus sextiles Jupiter. Look for a love interest to stabilize as you and a partner reach a serious commitment on the 20th, When Venus trines Saturn. A good time to firm up wedding or engagement plans.

October opens with Mars still in Pisces, and, Glory Be, finally going direct after two months in retrograde motion. This spotlights your solar Ninth House, shifting the focus to education, legal matters and foreign affairs. Look for matters in these arenas to continue to plod along, with little activation, since Mars is making no major aspects this month. Your problem-solving ability can get a workout when Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th. A personal project may benefit from some modification before it gains acceptance.

Mercury begins October still in Virgo, and your solar Third House of learning and local, neighborhood concerns before moving into Libra, and your solar Fourth House of home, family and domestic matters, on October 7th, a time when you may have discussions and communications pertaining to an ailing parent.

Mercury moves on to Scorpio and your solar Fifth House, on the 24th. Romance, creative endeavors, entertainment, hobbies and sporting events become the focus of many discussions and plans. Play your hunch and trust your perceptive powers on October 12th, when Mercury trines Neptune. The 14th can be worrisome as Mercury squaring Saturn makes for a pessimistic attitude and a difficult day.

The 16th sees a sextile between Mercury and Pluto adding to your ability to research and dig out necessary information to spotlight your projects. Mercury trines Uranus on the 23rd, a good day for electronic purchases. Your expressions are nicely offbeat and your sense of humor is sharp and highly developed.

The 27th would be an excellent time to submit job resumes when Mercury trines Mars. Watch the 30th when a financial condition can abruptly dissolve as Mercury squares Neptune.

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