Aries October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

October begins with the Sun in Libra, and your solar Seventh House, highlighting dealings with others, particularly those with whom you share a committed partnership. After October 23rd 2018 Sun enters Scorpio, and your solar Eighth House, where the emphasis shifts to shared resources, financial concerns and sexual activity.

Look for insight and inspiration from associates when Sun trines Neptune on the 3rd. The 6th could see you down in the dumps; maybe financial funds are a little tight when Sun squares Saturn. The Full Moon at 16 Aries, on October 10th, activates your solar First House.

This would be an ideal time to promote your own projects and launch new ventures. A new project launched now has public appeal.

If launching a long term project that requires group cooperation, try October 11th, which features an advantageous sextile between Sun and Pluto. Friends are stimulating and companionable on the 22nd, when Sun trines Uranus.The Devil is in the details, on the 25th, when Sun conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio.

The New Moon comes on October 25th, at Scorpio, falling in your solar Eighth House. Your thoughts will center around financial planning and achieving the goal of long-term security. Sun and Mars join in an invigorating trine on the 30th. Energy is high and travel plans are favored.

The month begins with Venus in Libra and your solar Seventh House of partnerships, usually marriage or domestic and relating to your mate and allies. Venus in this sector can give you the grace to accept negotiations and be willing to make concessions necessary for your own, and your partner’s, peace of mind.

The fun continues on the 9th, when Venus enters Scorpio and your solar Eighth House of shared resources, legacies, insurance and mortgage matters, taxes, matters dealing with estates of the dead, and sexual issues.

A new romantic interest can be excitingly unconventional and appeal to your need for change now as Venus trines Uranus on the 8th. The 10th, when Venus joins Mars in a harmonious trine, strengthens loving ties between companions. Someone can be quite taken by your charms.

Watch the 17th when belief in a friend could be misplaced as Venus squares Neptune.

The 18th can see plans for a romantic get-away, and even trips to the altar as Venus sextiles Jupiter. On the 20th, with Venus in a productive trine to Saturn, your status and position are favorably enhanced. Business projects are given a boost up.

At the opening of October Mercury remains in Virgo, in your solar Sixth House. Your thoughts and ideas will be focused on co-workers and your job. You could hear of, and discuss some very plausible ideas, that can make life on the job more comfortable and productive.

This would be an excellent time to schedule health examinations and procedures as well. On the 7th, Mercury enters Libra, and your solar Seventh House, a good time for open and frank discussions with your close partners that will enhance and improve your understanding of their motives; in turn, they can better relate to your point of view as well.

Mercury enters Scorpio, and your solar Eighth House, on October 24th 2018, giving you a good chance for profitable discussions and interractions with bankers, and related financial advisors. Your perceptions and intuition are highlighted when Mercury trines Neptune on October 12th; enjoy spiritual insight with friends. The 14th brings Mercury square Saturn, when just getting your point across successfully is exhausting and tiresome.

The 16th promises to be a special day when Mercury sextiles Pluto. Good news may be cause to celebrate. A new ally is stimulating and invigorating on October 23rd, when Mercury trines Uranus.

Tact and diplomacy is the order of the day when Mercury trines Mars on the 27th. Watch the 30th for a tendency to only hear what you want to hear when Mercury squares Neptune.

October begins with Mars continuing in Pisces, but now back in direct motion, finally after two months in retrograde status. No other planet hates being in retrograde condition quite like Mars does, as Aries are well aware since Mars is your ruling planet. Mars may have been chomping at the bit during the retrograde phase, but this month it makes no relevant major aspects. Probably just as well considering that pent-up energy.

The Martian energy will be in your solar Twelfth House, pointing to a considerable slow down in activities, turning your focus inward with more time spent in seclusion. Your energy level may diminish now, as you need more sleep and seek time alone to sort out your thoughts.

You’ll do better as a self-starter during this cycle. A family member’s authoritative stance can be alienating when Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th. Domestic responsibility and obligations can weigh heavy on your shoulders.

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