Aquarius October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

October begins with the Sun in Libra,and your solar Ninth House, putting the emphasis on travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits.

The Sun moves on to Scorpio, on October 23rd 2018, and your solar Tenth House, making career and business your focus for the rest of the month.

aquarius october 2018 horoscope

The 3rd, when the Sun’s rays join Neptune in a beneficial trine, your appearance can turn more than a few heads. Plans for a trip are a dream in the making. The square between Sun and Saturn, on the 6th, could see disappointments regarding a loan or credit. A romantic interest may turn cold or uninspiring. The Full Moon, at 16 Aries, on the 10th, falls in your solar Third House, highlighting neighborhood get-togethers, local travel, communication and education.

The 11th, when Sun sextiles Pluto, can bring an excellent financial pot of gold your way. Sun trine Uranus on the 22nd, the future is looking more and more intriguing. Your pet projects and personal aspirations can be realized now. Sun conjoins Mercury on October 25th, bringing you more lively expression and some stimulating conversations with allies. That’s allies, not aliens!

The New Moon, on the 25th, in 1 Scorpio, falling in your solar Tenth House, highlights new business endeavors and career starts. The trine between Sun and Mars, on October 30th, could enhance your social agenda, and bring some new friends into your already abundant circle. Communications and shared experiences will seal this one as a keeper.

October starts with Venus still transiting through Libra and your solar Ninth House. The spotlight will now be on religious matters, higher education, the law, philosophy, and matters at a distance. Watch that Venus influence doesn’t cost you in bad judgmental errors due to self-indulgence in wishful thinking or mental laziness. Scorpio becomes the new home for Venus, after the 9th, occupying your solar Tenth House. Some may use their charm and diplomacy for career advances, and to get noticed by higher ups. Take advantage of being in the right place at the right time by the right people.

The 8th puts the spotlight on you in a personal way. Your energy is high and motivation is enhanced when Venus trines Uranus. An unusual solution can come to you like a bolt out of the blue. Take solace in a sizzling trine between Venus and Mars, bringing a wonderful romantic opportunity your way, on October 10th. The 17th, when Venus squares deceitful Neptune could bring the promise of a business or career opportunity to a crashing halt. It’s not worth the gamble.

The 18th can see celebrations and causes for joy when Venus sextiles Jupiter. A romance with a foreign person, someone or a different culture or residing at a distance can also be in the works. The 20th is a good day to build a solid level of love and understanding between family members as Venus trines Saturn.

Mars is still in Pisces for October, and your solar Second House, the emphasis will be on money and values. Watch a tendency to spent impulsively and see money run through your fingers in a hurry. In spite of Mars now being back in direct motion, don’t expect too much to change right away, Mars is making no major aspects this month to compel activity. Diet changes, work conditions and health matters will meet with some stagnation and possibly need revising when Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th. Guard your health, you may feel more rundown and vulnerable than usual.

Mercury begins October continuing in Virgo and your solar Eighth House, a good time for financial discussions with partners or those that you share a monetary interest. Also a timely opportunity to seek out a better mortgage, or to discuss insurance and tax matters. On the 7th enters Libra and your solar Ninth House, opening up lively discussions on education, travel plans, legal matters and foreign concerns.

Mercury enters Scorpio and your natal Tenth House, on October 24th 2018, where the spotlight will be on your career and profession, status and the affairs of a parent. This cycle would be a good time for communications and to schedule job interviews and to network with professional associates and take advantage of their contacts. Mercury trines Neptune on the 12th, bringing a new and creative way of expressing your artistic nature. Mercury squares Saturn, on the 14th, and your glib easy demeanor fails you, leaving you tongue tied and uninspired.

The 16th brings good news concerning a legal issue or publishing matter. Friends are outgoing and supportive when Mercury sextiles Pluto. The 23rd, with Mercury trine Uranus, enhances an odd and innovative brand of thought today. Creativity is in the spotlight.

The 27th sees socializing with friends and club activities when Mercury trines Mars, energizing, intimate chats can be uplifting and go right to the heart of the matter. Proceed cautiously on the 30th, when Mercury square Neptune, can see an encounter with someone who promises more than he or she can deliver. Believe only as far as you are prepared to lose.

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