The Lost Book of Nostradamus

A mysterious book containing cryptic prophecies was recently discovered at the National Library in Rome and there is proof that it represents the final work of the famous and controversial Nostradamus, the most renowned clairvoyant in the world. More interesting than discovery of the book itself is its content which, according to specialists, was so frightening and blasphemously that, in those times, it was hidden away. The volume’s title is “The Lost Book”.

The manuscript was initially owned by the son of Nostradamus, who later donated it to Pope Urban the eighth.
“The Lost Book” of Nostradamus explores some of the prophecies which put him on the map, and the volume also contains a series of sketches and drawings which speak about truly frightening things to the current generations.

Among the pages, it can be observed, according to researchers, images indicating a future full of problems for The Catholic Church, and one of them represents the assassination of one of the most beloved Pope from the modern era.

There are also some drawings which illustrate the two World Wars or political movements like the communism and fascism. Moreover, clues regarding current global conflicts, including the ascension of fundamentalism, can also be observed.

Some voices are asking themselves if worldwide newspapers talking about terrorism, global warming, epidemics and pandemics may lead to the same conclusions like those of Nostradamus. More than that, some scientists claim that Nostradamus clearly spoke about The Third World War.

Obviously, there skeptical individuals who are of the opinion that these pieces of information are but speculation and rumors without any grounds. The same skeptics claim that Nostradamus’ quatrains are so cryptical that they can be interpreted in tens of different ways nevertheless, researchers who carefully analyzed his works strongly confirm he expressed with a high level of clarity the aforementioned opinions and prophecies.

Many scientists declared in 2001 that The Third World War will begin in the following year, namely 2002, but Nostradamus never referred to a specific date.
In “The Lost Book” it is talked about a conflict between the United States of America and Iran, a new major terrorist attack against the USA, about Osama Bin Laden, and even about a nuclear attack against Rome, one which will force The Pope to leave Vatican and find shelter in some other location. Per other theories, the targeted city wouldn’t be the Italian capital, but rather Paris.

Nostradamus also mentioned the apparition of a new mass destruction weapon, a “third Antichrist”, a “New World Order”, and natural disasters caused by machines built by men.

It appears that the United States of America will be the ones most affected by the natural disasters, especially earthquakes and floods, which will cause civil wars and poverty.
The USA will go bankrupt trying to face the catastrophes. At the time, three large nations will come in the aid of the Americans.

Nostradamus also claims that a leader from the Middle East will get his hands on the nuclear weapon that he will not hesitate to use in order to achieve his goals.
Both Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, or St. John spoke about times which will bring about massive earthquakes and geological catastrophes.