2018 Psychic World Predictions

Revamping of medical coverage and medical treatment will be a key focus in 2018. I see an adjustment to the medical industry and the way in which we attend to our medical needs.

Going back to basics and using herbal remedies will become first and foremost in healing thy own self.

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Organs and body parts will be given more attention to sustain good health. Seeing an alternative doctor will become the first order of operation when one gets ill. In cases of emergency care, Western Medicine and physician detection of illness will be a priority.
All other routine illnesses will be first attempted at home under the supervision of an alternative physician.

With that said, more MD will be turning over to alternative care.
More will become interested in the remedies of herbs, flower essence and more natural products.

Attention to our health and an organic diet will be a must.

People will no longer seek the nourishments from injected cows, fowls, and pigs. Sprayed vegetables will also be out.

People will start to distrust the FDA and what is being issued as healthy. They will take an active role in what goes into their mouths and really start reading labels very carefully. More foods will be prepared from home and out of the garden.

In the legal field I see many, many, many changes will come to this industry.

People are disgusted and tired of being slammed by an attorney with unethical billing practices. I see lawyers starting a business that will be franchised across America. It will be a shop where you go in and buy a divorce for a flat fee.
You will have a menu of services that are provided and you will no longer be handing over a blank check for legal services.

I also see a new department emerging where the courts will qualify cases before getting a docket number. Each party will start to prove their case and that an injustice actually took place. If there is no merit for a case then it will be thrown out.

More of a penalty will be issued for people trying to terrorize others through our legal system thwarting victimizers from suing their victims.

The Internet has many changes coming as well. There will be a bonding process for all people working on the internet. You will have to be certified and registered through a government office prior to getting exposure on the Internet as a Web Master or Designer.

They will be given special IP addresses that will be traceable and monitored for illegal activity. Integrity within the internet will start to be established to several businesses that monitor and report hacking attempts.

Police will become more proficient in regulating Internet crimes. Lawyers will become more knowledgeable as well. This will thwart a lot of attempts and activities of Internet crimes as people become more knowledgeable and a system put in place to penalize the criminal.

More and more people are going to stop getting married. There will become an interim phase for people to enter with their relationship but not having to take the legal step of Matrimony. Due to the distrust of the legal industry more people are going to find new alternatives to living life where they will not be sued.

This is especially true in marriages. Until there is an easier way to divorce yourself from someone you will see higher trends of murder. Spouses are being harassed, held hostage, and forced to be terrorized by an ex-lover. This is causing a break down and the need to take law into your own hands.

People will have a genuine distrust for Banking Institutions, Credit Card Companies, and Lending Companies. It will get to a point where people will not be using credit cards or trust any advertised specials.

They will want to use their own money and start to save more and living without frivolous merchandise. It will take years for financial institutions to rebuild the trust that is now being taken for granted.

Large shifts of change are also coming to our Government. I believe that we will start to see more integrity and people wanting to fix America. As businesses start to fail and no longer making their profit margins, you will see a wanting to be more of what the people want.

Trust is going to be a huge issue for the New Year. Who to trust and who was bought off will be scrutinized very closely. People will do their homework more and be more responsible with what is happening around them.

I see more people returning to school and getting degrees. I see them working together to get ahead but not getting married.

Fewer people will have children due to the cost and responsibility that goes with being a family. Smaller houses and less spending will be the wave and new reality. People will start to hold onto their money more and not spend as much.

California is going to go through some huge changes politically, environmentally, and educationally.

Welfare recipients will be pushed out and move to states that are more affordable. A financial crash is coming with the home industry and house prices falling and most will not be able to qualify.

There will be more information coming out about our Government and what has really been happening. How decisions were based on making money and not what is best for our society will no longer surprise us.

Big companies down sizing and forced to change their business practices to be more ethical. There will be more general contractors working from home. Less people driving and striving for a one car family is going to be our future.

I truly see by July of 2018 there will be a shift coming where people of this country will take their power back.

Credit scores and being held hostage due to credit scores will become obsolete because people will not need them any longer. They have lost their merit due to the home industry, ID theft, and fraudulent business practices. More people will pay cash for the items they want.

This will be the year of change and people taking care of them first. Trust will no longer be blindly given to individuals in positions of power.