Nostradamus had predicted a nuclear war

Nostradamus had predicted a forth world war, a final conflict in which the entire world will burn. He explains the fact that this conflict will last for 27 years and will involve a very cruel individual originating from the East and the Northern powers. This war is a reminiscence of the Crusades and it would be, according to many authors, a global conflict which will seal the fate of the human kind forever.

But Nostradamus’ quatrains don’t reveal their secrets at first glance therefore a closer look and some interpretation are in order. The centuries are far less explicit regarding the future of a large conflict in comparison with the Bible, which of course Nostradamus took inspiration from.
He refers to the infernal powers as “Dog” and “Doham” in the Letter to Henry. By inversing the two words for God (God, Gog, East) and Mahod (the devil, Magog, West). The cruel character coming from the East who persecutes the Christian religion would be the Antichrist himself as enunciated by St. John in The Apocalypse.
Other quatrains written by Nostradamus resemble the Israeli-Arabic conflict described by many prophets in The Old Testament, especially when it comes to the Midy and Septentrion powers.

Eventually, the author refers repeatedly to the Grand Mastin which means “large guard dog”, in old French, but to which Nostradamus gives the role of evil spirit, erupting volcano and further uses it to appoint China.
You can however recognize that it is about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even so, these bombardments which destroyed the Japanese cities took place in the morning (local hour), while those described by Nostradamus were to take place at night and most likely will be carried out by undetectable submarines.

The last line suggests that the bombardments will favor the enemy’s intentions.