Nostradamus predictions on 2020 presidential elections and Donald Trump

One of Nostradamus’s most important prediction for the year 2020 is based on the presidential elections in the United States which will take place at the end of this year: Trump might lose the elections and his seat will be taken by a younger candidate.

“The young lion will overcome the older one, 

  On the field of combat in a single battle; 

  He will pierce his eyes through a golden cage, 

  Two wounds made one, then he dies a cruel death.”

President Trump attracted the disapproval and the enmity of many political figureheads and of the American press due to the way he handled the crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

2020 nostardamus predictions about trump

Without leadership skills, without empathy – Americans do not deserve such a weak crisis manager like Donald Trump.

It appears that the predictions made by Nostradamus hundreds of years ago with regard to the presidential elections from November of 2020 might come true.

Just like it has constantly happened in the years since Trump’s mandate at the White House, those who disapprove of his performance do this mainly because of his behaviour.

The reasons for why many Americans challenge Trump’s administration are: the president’s lies (13%), his racism (11%), incompetence (11%) and the fact that he doesn’t have a presidential outlook (7%)

Trump has constantly registered negative figures: foreign trade (41% approve of the way he is handling it, 47% disapprove, with a 9% increase among the ranks of his electoral basis), immigration (41% support him, 54% disapprove), external politics (with negative ratings for the way Trump has handled both North Korea and Iran).

In conclusion, if the number of deaths caused by the flu will be very high and the economy will be through the floor, Trump could lose in November 2020 and his spot might be taken by a stronger candidate.

Regardless of whether or not Nostradamus’s prediction regarding the presidential elections will come true or not, the American people will suffer in the following years.

According to website, the famous French prophet’s predictions for the year 2021 are grim at best.

Interesting Facts about Nostradamus

The infamous Nostradamus was a renowned French doctor and remarkable astrologer.

Born in 1503 in Saint Remi, he has become quite popular 500 years later for the simple predictions he made.

Many people believe in his forecast; however, there are others who deem this as just a bunch of hocus pocus.

Nostradamus predictions for the future have been used in a variety of ways, including propaganda “Nostradamus leaflets” during the Second World War by German and allied pilots.

Amongst many other predictions Nostradamus forecast the apocalypse in 2021, which has been quite shocking for people around the world.
This is due to the countless number of prophecies found in the Nostradamus writings.

In one of Nostradamus’ major work of predictions, known as “The Centuries”, he predicted the rise and demise of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime and Mussolini.

The French doctor and astrologist made the prediction about the apocalypse in the year 2012 based on an astrological alignment of the earth. This would eventually precipitate a cataclysmic event.

Furthermore, he foretold many natural disasters that would occur in the future that reveals the end of the world, such as massive comic collision, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and environmental issues. However, many people do question the logic of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus claimed that his prophecies were based on a combination of astrological study and divine inspiration.

Since his predictions are based as a result of random chance and creative interpretation, this has led to many skeptics against Nostradamus.

There has been no scientific proof to validate Nostradamus’ predictions. Moreover, since most of his writings are rather vague it is not right to directly relate them to the disaster or even that takes place.

Nostradamus has predicted many disasters in the previous years, including asteroids hitting the earth.

Obviously, since these predictions have not come true, many doubt Nostradamus’ writings.