New Moon in Capricorn January 2, 2022

The New Moon in Capricorn marks the beginning of a new cycle. The New Moon is exact on January 2nd when the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Capricorn.

New Moon, New Year, New Start

If you follow the various lunar phases, you know that a New Moon is a great time to start something new or make a fresh start. This time we are blessed with an additional boost of energy thanks to the Supermoon. Simply put, a Supermoon is closer to the earth than a normal New or Full Moon and directly aligns with the Earth and Sun.

With all this supercharged and super strong energy around us, there is no hiding. We are definitely kicking off a time of change, not only on this day, but also for the entire year.

But if that wasn’t enough, we will also experience the rare phenomenon of having a New Moon on New Year’s Day. The last time that occurred was 19 years ago!

If there was ever a time to make a new start, this is it! New Year’s resolutions have the ultimate chance of success this time around.

Capricorn and the Cardinal Cross

Capricorn energy is all about getting us on the right footing. So any plans or goals you make will have firm foundations. You’ll feel strong, confident and ready to take initiative towards your dreams and desires.

Meanwhile, we have some other impressive planetary aspects in the sky that will challenge us to remain stalwart as we transform ourselves. There are some heavy-duty planets on the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These signs and their alignments are the cardinal cross, symbolizing a crossroads of evolution.

With Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn, it will be quite the gathering. Expect the unexpected and keep your eyes on the prize!

Kicking Off a Time of Change

With all this supercharged and super strong energy around us, there is no hiding. We are definitely kicking off a time of change, not only on this day, but also for the entire year.

Although it is a great time for you to seriously begin new goals, you may also experience some unexpected developments along your path. Don’t get discouraged, the Universe wants to shake us all up a bit, but this is only to help us become more certain and sure of what we truly want.

Take advantage of this New Moon and New Year energy to make a new life!

Make Ground Rules

Looking to make some serious changes this month or even this year? This transit can help you do that. Capricorn is a focused sign that means business. Along with its ruler Saturn, it gives the drive and energy needed for setting goals and achieving them. Responsibility, structure and ground rules are favored under this transit.

Like many folks at the beginning of a new year, if you’re looking to lose weight, get a new job or save more money, put your plans in place now. Although you may not reach your final goal by the January 17 Full Moon in Gemini, you still have the energy of success behind you thanks to the New Moon. It will help push you forward for weeks to come. Write down those rules and get going!

These aspects aren’t limited to personal lives either, they govern businesses, institutions and countries alike.

Substance Over Style

While this transit seems to appear somber, there is still plenty of room for lightness and enjoyment. However don’t expect a great deal of frivolity; this New Moon will prefer substance to style.

Capricorn is known for a somewhat ironic sense of humor. Expect to see the bigger lesson in anything funny. You’ll see the irony in the human condition and learn to laugh at yourself as well. View this period as an opportunity to grow!

The goat, a curious and intelligent animal, represents Capricorn. Goats love to climb and their behavior can be quite comical at times. Let this symbol inspire you during the New Moon. While the goat can appear to do silly things, it is persistent as it climbs the mountain.

Focus on this image as you set your goals for this period. Strive to achieve what you seek, but appreciate the humor along the way. Learn to laugh along the way and continue on despite any challenges. Embrace the energy of this New Moon and use it to the fullest!