New Moon in Scorpio October 2022 – Meaning in Astrology

The Scorpio energy will make its presence felt “step by step” starting with this New Moon on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. So what does this Scorpio New Moon mean for you? First of all, it means new beginnings. So it’s likely that you or someone you know will undergo something new. Perhaps a new job, a new romance, or a move to a new home. New Mons also have feminine energy, which could also mean a female figure is involved. Keep an eye out for developments involving mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

The Scorpio New Moon is the time to organize your finances, pay off your debts, be true to your values, and strengthen your security systems. If you have a partner, this is the time to plan your joint financial future including investments, inheritances, tax strategies, and insurance plans. And as long as you’re talking to your significant other, there may be some deep issues you can work out easily at the Scorpio New Moon. Finding effective ways to use your resources, both personal and shared, for more than shopping and indulgences, can start you on a new cycle of self-mastery.

If you are a control freak, investigator, or strategist, you may find that this is a very easy time to get inside people’s heads and manipulate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from the inside out. But if you have respect for the privacy and rights of others, you can use your x-ray vision into the psychological depths to control and master your Self. Refusing to examine yourself and reflect on your positive and negative characteristics can result in some deep inner confusion that surfaces as very negative, hurtful behavior. Pretending you don’t care because you are tough as nails or just too busy with your own problems is actually hiding from your own vulnerability.

Seeking Enlightenment

Besides focusing on new beginnings and fresh starts, a New Moon takes on the flavor of the astrological sign it visits. Since Scorpio is highlighted this time, we’ll all be dealing with Scorpio-related themes, not just on the day of the New Moon but for the next two weeks.

Symbolized by the scorpion, this sign will help shed light on things that might sting us emotionally. We may find that we have lost our personal power or that we have buried our passions and desires. We will also be examining the poisonous things in our lives like toxic relationships, negative thoughts, and unhealthy behaviors.

All of this may sound challenging (and it is) but Scorpio energy likes to take a deep dive and investigate—no matter how unpleasant or disturbing. So be prepared for this event to put a spotlight on those things that need changing. Remember, the ultimate goal is to seek enlightenment and start anew.

Becoming the Phoenix

Not only will you delve into the depths of your psyche during this New Monn in Scorpio, but you will also emerge renewed. Scorpio embodies the legend of the phoenix. According to Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that goes through cycles of death and rebirth. As flames consume the bird, it dies, but eventually, it regenerates from the ashes and resurrects itself. The Phoenix has also been associated with the Sun. What a great symbol for this New Moon period!

Now is your chance to become the phoenix. As you discover things that need changing in your life, use the energy of this New Moon as a clean slate. This is the perfect time to do a fast, cleanse, or detox, participate in a healing ritual or start a meditation practice.

It is also an excellent time to live fully and express your true emotions. Let’s not forget that Scorpio is a very sexual sign, so this includes your romantic life as well. Resurrect your sexuality and focus on rekindling the fires of an existing partnership or lighting the fires of a new one. Don’t hold back any longer!

Plant your seeds for a new life now with the help of this New Moon. By the time of the Full Moon’s arrival next month, you’ll rise like the phoenix!

New Moon In Scorpio 2022 Rituals & Affirmations

The New Moon in Scorpio is a time to question yourself critical questions, set intentions, or outline important goals, which you’ll go after in the course of the approaching lunar cycle and further.

What do you do on a New Moon in Scorpio?

  • Begin a meditation practice or walk or run for 30 minutes. From now on, do this every now and then whenever possible.
  • Change a negative habit – choosing to embark on a new path is a statement of your own divine will. By doing this you are setting up your intent and sending a message to the Universe. Spirit will help support your choice if you sincerely ask.
  • Clean your home of negative energy – one of the best things you can do when cleansing your home is to get rid of clutter and unwanted items. Not only do they take up valuable space, but they also attract dust, dirt, and stagnant negative energy. Good vibrations need room to grow and flow. Who wants to end up with psychic junk along with old stuff?

3 New Moon In Scorpio Affirmations to prepare for a new start:

  • My cognizance is clear of opposition and available to all capabilities.
  • I’m prepared to start a new episode in my life full of endless possibilities.
  • I will receive love and delete all my fears.

New Moon in Scorpio 2022 Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign


New career and work-related beginnings, new opportunities for growth, new positions, and new opportunities to achieve goals. Those who want to get a job will now have the chance. Plus the chance to start something related to a home or family. There is great support for natives who want to buy a house or build a home.


New beginnings in love, new love relationships lasting for a long time, perhaps with partners you know from your workplace. Also, new beginnings related to the way you carry out your daily tasks, and new professional responsibilities. A great opportunity to change your lifestyle and discover new hobbies and passions. Also, new ways of dealing with banks.


Rush to get this assignment done. Don’t hesitate in getting your work done. Your performance is being observed.


Prepare a special meal for your family. Put special care into making sure that it is healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Your efforts will be appreciated.


You are loved for your honesty. However, be careful how honest you get with people today. You may find yourself in a sticky situation.


Too much fun can hurt those who love you. Look for a place to go with loved ones where all of you will have a good laugh. During the New Moon in Scorpio, you will be exceptionally honest and sincere.


Never allow anyone to make you feel insecure about yourself. Stay away from people who make you feel bad about who you are.


Don’t allow others to shock you. If they see that you are shocked, they will only try to manipulate your attention even further.


If you continue last month’s frugality, you’ll have greater financial stability. You’re under pressure at work, so plan carefully if you want to have time for your love life. Drink juice and water.


Your financial judgment is on target; even though there will be some moments when you’ve felt confused or indecisive. You could be ready to seek a commitment from that special someone in your life. Take a night off and recharge your batteries.


Be sure of what you want. Never act indecisive around people. They will see it as a weakness.


You put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into your job today, and this will bring monetary rewards in near future. You are a little thin-skinned today. Don’t ruin a good thing over anything. The influence of a Scorpio man brings lots of energy.