Most Toxic Zodiac Signs Ranked

Have you ever spent any time with anyone who depreciates or exploits you? If yes, there is a good possibility you are facing a toxic person.

Egocentricity, spinelessness, manipulation, bossiness, and authoritarianism are just a few of the characteristic features of toxic persons. And by their actions, they have a tendency to cause people around them to think they are worthless. While everyone has their bad times, these zodiac signs tend to act badly on a regular basis.

The 3 Most Toxic Zodiac Signs Ordered from Least to Most


Virgos are wonderful.  Each Virgo you meet is most likely unbelievably workaholic, driven and doesn’t have a tendency to bend the rules. On the other hand, however, this impulse they have can also lead to a good deal of obstinacy, crankiness and agitation. 

In their relationships, Virgo’s headstrong temperament can cause them to be rather dismissive of those closest to them, as they won’t practice much compassion. Of course, all of your Virgo buddies look cool, but they probably criticize a lot of your flaws too, don’t they? 

In our list of the most toxic zodiac signs, Virgo ranks as the very least toxic. Yet, when they’re irritated, they get very mad. They won’t give much of a damn who they talk to or listen to; they’ll tell you what they’re going through, particularly if you’re someone close to them. And what’s even worse, resolving conflict is not a strength of theirs.


Taurus is a control freak and if they are in a committed relationship, they have to handle literally everything.

If you’re currently dating a Taurus and simply require a little time to yourself, they’ll just refuse to leave you alone.

They just simply need to be around you the entire time so they can be in control of your all movements.

They understand that you’re amusing and lighthearted and that almost any guy would love to hang out with you.

It appears that purely due to the fact that Taurus is usually so unreliable, they want to make everything worse for the other people living close to themselves.

Their romances rarely succeed, and in many cases, it’s their own fault.

Therefore, if you are dating a Taurus, be mindful of whatever you actually say or even do in their presence, as they can formulate the craziest script in their minds and may blame you for literally everything.


Scorpio is number one in our ranking, which means it is the most toxic zodiac sign. Scorpios sometimes have a negative reputation because they are judgmental and often mean. Governed by Mars – the planet of hostility – this water zodiac sign is unafraid to be unpleasant. They look at life with a skeptical, half-empty-glass mindset shared by Scorpios. They may whine regularly, ruin the vibe and knock everyone else down with their hopeless stance. Still, it’s just not sufficient for Scorpios to view the downside of a situation. They might search for defects in other people’s ideas or projects in an effort to make him or her want to quarrel. And no mere dissension with this zodiac sign: for Scorpios, it’s important that things work out exactly the way they want them to.


Because of their talent to call a spade a spade, but also due to their directness, most of the time, the Gemini natives are tempted to manipulate people around them, regardless of who they are.

They’re willing to lie and demonstrate to you they’re the righteous ones by any means necessary, just to get ahead and get where they desire.

So from now on, when you hang around a Gemini, be careful what they say or do, but especially be mindful not to fall into their trap!


Cancer’s negative energy is self-directed and he has a tendency to think to himself he is unworthy of good things happening to him. He wonders if he will ever be happy or successful.

When Cancerians radiate negative energy, they may doubt the things they have done and their responsibility for a relationship gone wrong.

In the continuation of this article, let’s also discover the most toxic pairs of the horoscope, zodiac signs that shouldn’t be paired together at all.

Taurus – Aries

When two stubborn people meet, expect disaster. Aries in its attempt to be in the forefront is likely to be considered toxic by Taurus.

Virgo – Pisces

Virgo and Pisces are two distinct signs. They perform excellently apart from each other until they start dating or simply communicating. The problem is Pisces is sensitive, while Virgo is critical and both are pretty damn passive when it comes to emotions.