Moon in zodiac signs – How Does The Moon Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Moon in Aries:

Good for initiating action, confronting things, for activities requiring enthusiasm & spirit.

Tends to give us a sense of urgency…Aries keyword is “NOW.” Aries helps you to be more forceful, direct & competitive; in fact, it feels good to assert oneself.

You have more confidence which is good for presentations. Aries is a good sign for making changes, for new beginnings, and working with tools (but be patient). People tend to react quickly.

When the Moon is in Aries, try to do something spontaneous…it opens up a brand new perspective.

Moon in Taurus:

Good for money matters, budgeting, practical actions, maintenance on things, production, activities requiring patience, art, music, singing, gardening, starting a savings account, starting a building, training a pet, moving, painting, pouring cement (best during Full Moon), planting.

Also good for scheduling & planning. Good for launching an advertising campaign, purchases you want to last (especially the 3rd quarter), buying clothes, dental work (if moon is favorable to your  zodiac sign) and dressmaking.

Putting up preserves or jellies (3 or 4 quarter). People tend to react slowly and with more stability. Taurus is great for getting out in nature…it will recharge your batteries.

Moon in Gemini:

Good for writing, communicating, intellectual pursuits, change, travel, beginning a study, shopping for bargains, mail-outs, parties & socializing.

People are more adaptable, extraverted, on the go, needing variety, curious, witty, inquisitive.

People react quickly, perceptively, and with unending curiosity. You may find you can do two things at once. You may need to verbalize emotions in order to connect to them.

Moon in Cancer:

Great for attending to family and home matters, cooking, canning (3rd or 4th quarter), nurturing, being sentimental, putting together photo albums, collecting things, launching an advertising campaign, signing agreements (waxing moon), weddings.

People react with sensitivity and protectiveness. You have a natural sense of timing and an ability to tune in to others.

Emotions become very helpful in guiding you.

Moon in Leo:

Good for creativity, performances, activities requiring drama, auditions, confronting issues, self confidence, and presentations. People react warmly, enthusiastically & generously (if you give them the proper acknowledgement).

Feeling of security comes from pride and confidence in self. Let the child within emerge…get playful, and a new enthusiasm will result. Good for applying for loans, for making reliable purchases such as autos.

Good for getting auto repairs or for doing things you want to last (building, pouring cement). Also favorable for getting fillings at dentist and for beauty treatments.

Moon in Virgo:

Good for organizing, work ethics, analyzing, working with numbers, spotting flaws & trouble shooting, cleaning, creating order.

Any activity requiring practicality and attention to detail is enhanced. Good for writing out a new health plan, making lists, buying medicine, studying about health, getting more grounded, working with your hands, crafts.

People react practically and with good common sense, and tend to respond analytically. Virgo is a great sign for ending habits (waning moon), finding bargains, and for mail-outs.

Moon in Libra:

Good for art, music, dancing, acting, anything creative, parties, socializing, listening, strengthening relationships.

Lots of people react with objectivity & a sense of fairness. They tend to weigh all sides to an issue, and to take a more diplomatic and cautious approach.

Good for improving your social skills and improving your personal appearance. Great for shopping for clothes or beauty items. Also good for dressmaking.

Moon in Scorpio:

Good for research, investigation, understanding the motives & emotions of others, psychic development, meditation, metaphysical exploration..

People are more resourceful and controlled, but have a lot of intensity & passion under the surface.

Good for buying antiques, filling teeth, moving, starting savings account, buying home or medicine. Also good for improving your sexual relations.

Moon in Sagittarius:

Good for expanding the mind, beginning a study, spiritual pursuits, being outdoors, exploring freedom, adventures, buying a car, starting a diet, sending mail, removing teeth. sports.

Good for launching an advertising campaign, getting a loan. People react enthusiastically, idealistically, courageously and more open-minded. You may have urges to search for a deeper meaning.

Sagittarius is excellent for travel, whether you are planning or actually going on a trip. Also great for presentations.

Moon in Capricorn:

Good for organizing, budgeting, making plans, focusing on ambition, being realistic, serious thinking, taking a more conventional & conservative approach.

People react with self-control and determination (sometimes with negativity).

Capricorn is good for taking control of a situation, and helps you act with more sensibility and protectiveness.

Moon in Aquarius:

Good for contacting friends, group meetings, brain-storming, humanitarian ventures, computer work, inventive thinking, dealing with inventors or computer people.

Also great for borrowing money, giving a party, traveling for pleasure, start a building, start a diet (waning cycle), join a club, move, fix cars, buy a home, Good for launching an advertising campaign. People react with detached objectivity and logic.

You may have urges to express your true originality, as well as individual freedom. You need to interact with others. Aquarius is a good sign to modernize your life, getting rid of old stuff, including past.

Moon in Pisces:

Good for performing, auditioning, playing roles, film, singing, arts, spiritual pursuits, giving of oneself, helping others, psychic development, understanding.

People react with sensitivity and can tune into vibes of others. Intuitions are very high (much better than logic) and can guide you well.

Good for dealing with oils & liquids, being near water, swimming. Also good for Loans (waxing moon).

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