January 2022 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn

Astrologers refer to a retrograde as the appearance of a planet moving backward. Essentially the motion of the planet’s orbit slows down but looks like it stops and reverses. It’s similar to the effect of passing a slow-moving car where for a split second it appears to be moving backward. Very strange optical illusion indeed!

Those periods of the year, when Mercury will be retrograde, seem to be quite complicated.

Contrary to popular belief, the sky will not fall during Mercury Retrograde. You have survived them before and you will survive them again.

But there are some precautions you can take. Just like taking an umbrella in the rain, you can create a cosmic umbrella to weather the retrograde’s fallout.

Mercury Retrograde often makes us panic. We expect all sorts of things to go haywire. Computers crash, misunderstandings arise, plans get canceled. It’s enough to drive anyone mad! But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

It’s true that this fast-moving planet of communications often puts a monkey wrench in things once it moves backward, but it also brings opportunities. The first one is the opportunity to change your thoughts! Try viewing retrograde difficulties as challenges instead. For example, when you come across an annoying computer glitch, think of it as a chance to learn more about your machine’s operating system. Be an optimistic problem solver instead of an angry whiner.

Then there are the unforeseen opportunities that may come your way. For instance, that canceled flight could lead to an unexpected meeting with a sexy stranger or a chance to have a really meaningful conversation with your travel partner. Let Mercury Retrograde help you see the positive possibilities!

Travel is another area to watch. Save big trips or long-distance travel for another time if you can. If you must travel, regardless of distance, double-check all reservations, tickets, and transportation. It would also be wise to have a backup plan just in case. As long as you prepare well, potential mishaps won’t seem so bad.

Finally, be patient with yourself. Take a little extra time to think before speaking or communicating in any way. Remember others are going through this phase too, so be sure and cut everyone a little slack.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2022
Mercury retrograde calendar for 2022

In 2022, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion 4 times:

  • January 14 to February 3, 2022.
  • May 10 to June 2, 2022.
  • September 9 to October 2, 2022.
  • December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023.

The First Mercury Retrograde of 2022 in Aquarius & Capricorn

The first period when Mercury will be retrograde in 2022 will begin in January and is divided into 2 parts:

  • January 13 – January 25: Mercury retrograde in Aquarius
  • January 26 – February 3: Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

At the beginning of the first month of this year, more precisely on January 13, a major cosmic event will take place. Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, and this transit will have a direct impact on the lives of the signs.

Their thoughts will be influenced by this astral energy and will receive an impetus in the area of creativity. They will have the ability to look at life from a different angle and observe new perspectives.

This period will be intense enough to leave traces. For many zodiac signs, it is a good time to relaunch, both in love and in your career.

There are certain zodiac signs that are predisposed to be impacted by retrograde Mercury in Aquarius more than others. But, under any retrograde, as long as we persevere and work for clarity, in the end, things have great chances to come out very well. A little extra effort and concentration don’t hurt anyone!

Beginning January 26, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn tells us to open our minds and souls to better understand which relationships (marriage, work, family, friends, relationships with ourselves) restrict us, slow down our “flight.”

We will have to give up our limited perspectives, in order to free ourselves from the comfortable patterns of thinking that keep us in place, we must fly to a bigger world.

This transit can definitely help you develop a solid game plan for the upcoming year. Capricorn is great at building firm foundations and Mercury can help accelerate your thinking.

You might not be one for making New Year’s resolutions, but this time around you could have greater success. Most of us shoot for the unattainable when creating resolutions, however, this transit will help you formulate purposeful goals that you can actually follow and achieve.

Planning some major life changes? You’re also in luck. Use Mercury’s influence and write them down. At the same, tap into Capricorn’s wisdom so that you can be serious and get down to business. Whatever changes you make, treat it like a business plan where you break down goals step by step. You’ll have a greater chance of success.

Embrace the energy of Mercury in Capricorn. Let it help you build a solid future!

Love, Like Everything Else, is Affected by the Astrological Transits, and Mercury’s Position is No Exception

When Mercury turns retrograde most people just want to run and hide until it’s over. So why would you even think about relationships and romance? Aren’t they bound to go haywire too? The same confusion and communication troubles you experience during Mercury RX can also affect your love life.

If you are single and looking, don’t jump into a new romance during this period. Chances are that the relationship will be short-lived or it may not turn out the way you anticipated. Don’t even try going on a first date. If you do, you or your date may make the wrong first impression. Signals may get crossed and you might have trouble picking up each other’s vibes. Comments may be misconstrued and little jokes may be misinterpreted. Not to mention the logistics of the date itself. You may get stuck in traffic, reservations may get mixed up, or plans could go awry at the last minute.

Attached or in a steady relationship? You’re not immune from January 2022 Mercury’s troubles either. Avoid having major talks with your significant other if at all possible. Things are unlikely to be resolved to either partner’s satisfaction. Miscommunication, confusion and broken promises are all possible. Table any serious discussions or decisions until after Mercury goes direct. It will save you a lot of drama in the long run.

Dealing with marriage or divorce? These are both life-altering agreements that should not be taken lightly. Going through either one during a retrograde period could prove dicey. Marriage should take place when Mercury is direct so that vows will remain strong. Even if you are certain about your love, this transit can cause problems with wedding arrangements and details. As for divorce, also wait until the planet goes direct. Otherwise, you may act too hastily or end up with messy legal proceedings.

What this Period is Great For …

You can actually use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage and even thrive during the transit! Being aware of the pitfalls is only half of the story. This period also has some gifts for us too!

Although you’ll experience the typical retrograde issues, with Aquarius & Capricorn in the mix, they will take on a more emotional tone.

So if your car breaks down or your phone dies, you might find yourself in hysterical tears or raging anger, instead of just being mildly frustrated or annoyed.

While Mercury turns backward, it also invites us to revisit and review things. During this transit, you might be looking back at emotions and attitudes related to the Aquarius & Capricorn ruled areas of home and family. It’s a good time to reminisce and see how far you’ve come! It’s also an excellent time to clean out the closets—mental as well as physical. Keep what’s sentimental and touching, while ridding yourself of the clutter.

Mercury Retrograde can help you change your views and move ahead!

When Mercury is retrograde, think of all the words that begin with “re” like rethink, reevaluate, reconsider, renovate, repair, and reconnect. Mercury’s energy will actually support you in any of these endeavors and your chances of success are greatly increased.

If you put any projects on the back burner, now is the perfect time to revisit them. You will likely finish what you started and love the results. This is also an excellent time to reorganize things. Clean out and rearrange your closets, revamp your workspace, update your resume.

Get everything ship-shape so you’ll be ready to move forward when Mercury goes direct. This is also a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends. You may get a phone call or email out of the blue from a pal you haven’t seen in a while. It’s also possible that you could hear from an old flame. Go ahead and take a chance. All kinds of reunions are favored.

Finally, use the energy of this period to get in touch with your thoughts. Reflect on your life path and plans. Remember that Mercury Retrograde can actually be an opportunity for growth!

Find Out How January 2022 Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Each Sign

Some people seem to be more affected by a Mercury retrograde period than others. I was born with Mercury retrograde and it normally doesn’t bother me. My suggestion to you and all is that no matter what planetary influence you seem to be under, focus on doing your best.

We are down here to learn to rule our stars. “The stars impel, but they do not compel.” Be smart about all you do, no matter what, but in the end, there are two important things that are more important than any planetary configuration – 1) do your best at all times, and 2) never give up.

In the long-run persistence is what makes for success. That said, if it looks like rain outside, do you take an umbrella, just in case? Be the same way with your “astrological weather”. “Forewarned is forearmed.”


Retrograde Mercury from 14 January 2022 forces you to reconsider some recently adopted decisions or attitudes. Possible contradictions, surprises, or extraordinary events in the relations between the couple’s partners or between the parties involved in a conflict; one of the possible hypostases would be to change the mind of a partner whose justification will be difficult to understand.


As for you, this retrograde period will introduce reluctance or delays or the desire to verify and reformulate the claims or position adopted towards life and/or business partners formulated recently, especially if those were made on the merits. conflicts.


Mercury in seemingly retrograde motion will give rise to renunciations, revisions of opinion so that the discussions started a few weeks ago, which seemed to be heading towards a happy ending, will be delayed. There is also a good part in this transit, which will last until the beginning of December: it will allow a deepening of the elements of legality presupposed by an agreement, a contract, an association, or even a marriage.


The period between January 3 and January 26 could allow the withdrawal of promises, the abandonment of last-minute solutions for real reasons (the need for approvals, consultations, obtaining opinions) or subjective, the rethinking of people whose will depends on solving a money case (salary, allowance, pension, scholarship, compensation, aid).


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn will introduce, for three weeks, a necessary reluctance in sentimental attachments, especially in those that happened too suddenly; you will be given the opportunity to analyze yourself and your loved ones.


Virgos will resume, for three weeks, a matter related to documents, official documents, or a contract of sale, purchase, rental.


You will have to be more cautious, more circumspect, and more eager to correlate the actions you take with the legal framework that governs them. In the next three weeks, you can submit your file to participate in selections, judgments, awards or you can sign up for different types of professional knowledge verification to obtain diplomas and certificates.


Mercury RX will bring back the old, unresolved, money problems, or put you in a position to redo some calculations to see to what extent you can still honor the promises or ongoing projects.


It will instill in you a healthy need to reflect more when you have to decide on a problem, to get involved. There will be three weeks in which it is recommended that you review your decisions.


The first 2022 Mercury Retrograde favors confusion about the direction you should go in a matter that contains many secrets, riddles, or truths that cannot be told out loud.


Mercury RX in Aquarius & Capricorn introduces a note of doubt or distrust towards a friend. You will want to nuance your promises made to acquaintances after a careful inner analysis or following information that has revealed a different face of their intentions.


It will give you the opportunity to analyze, for three weeks from now, a professional offer that was made to you some time ago or to consider an alternative to the position you are in now from the point of view of social view and on which you postponed to comment.


While most of us are happy just to get through this period, not only can you survive, but you can actually thrive during Mercury Retrograde.