Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar

Astrology is also about recurring cycles that aid or hinder at different times. Mercury retrograde is one such cycle that recurs three times each year.

Since the planet Mercury is related to all forms of communication, written and oral, this is not the time to sign important documents, legal agreements, or to initiate something new.

You can, however, review and renew things already underway. Once Mercury is direct, go ahead and launch your project.

Mercury also rules travel and the mechanism to get you there. It’s not unusual to have mechanical problems during this cycle.   Expect breakdowns and/or mixups with travel arrangements as well.  

In 2021 Mercury is Retrograde on the following dates:

  • January 30 (in Aquarius) – February 19 (in Pisces)
  • May 31 – June 21 (in Gemini)
  • September 28 – October 16 (in Libra)
mercury retrograde 2021 dates and calendar

What Exactly Happens

When Mercury is retrograde it’s not really traveling backwards, but to our eye it is, due to the speed and elliptical nature of the orbits, like passing a car on the freeway. But in the world of as above, so below, what we observe and experience has strong effects. It is our thoughts and thought processes (Mercury) that keep some semblance of control and meaning in our lives.

Mercury retrograde 2021 is a splendid time for each of us to reevaluate our choices, aspirations, and trajectory in life, specific areas, and aspects.

The difficulties that can occur are communication and especially commerce related, in the sense that there may be delays, ambiguities, misunderstandings, misinterpretation of messages, malfunctions of devices or means of transport, the need for repairs, document issues.

It is what forces us to be more attentive, more present in our lives, more careful with what we say and do.

Mercury Retrograde 2021 Will Bring Bad Luck or Good Luck?

Mercury Retrograde is wildly misunderstood. Misrepresented. Facts are wrong. It’s not something to fear, it’s part of the natural cycle of life.

This phenomenon is one of the few affecting everyone quite uniformly, and its effects are always obvious.

It is good to note and keep in mind that the periods when Mercury is retrograde are not 100% bad and that they also bring something good!

However, the first Mercury retrograde of 2021 smiles upon a few zodiac signs, bringing them luck in the love life.

Here are the zodiac signs that will be fortunate in love or lucky to meet someone special between January 30 and February 19: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

The First Mercury Retrograde in 2021 – January 30 (in Aquarius) – February 19 (in Pisces)

For the first time this year, starting from January 30 and until February of 2021, Mercury is in retrograde motion for almost three weeks.

This Mercury retrograde starts in Aquarius and returns in Pisces, symbolically conveying to us the need to pay more attention to what our elders have to say.

It is time to get involved in the community (Aquarius) and to reflect on the spiritual messages (Pisces) that you probably missed before.

What can you do

So, in a nutshell, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces feels like you’re walking backwards in a fog bank and your feet are just barely touching the ground. And, the ground is made of quicksand.

Taking every step cautiously and deliberately, while attempting (to virtually no avail) to see where you are going, which is actually where you’ve been. This begs the question: were you paying attention to where you were?

It is a wise strategy to keep tabs on when a Mercury Retrograde will arrive. Put it on your calendar and begin to take notes – either written or mental, although written is advised – for reference when Mercury says it’s time to “review.”

The Most Affected Zodiac Signs

If you are under the Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, or Leo sign, and everything seems to go upside down, well, it is not only an impression.

Unfortunately, until the end of the month, there is nothing you can do, so don’t make great plans, and let things take their course.

The Leos, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpios, born in the last three days of their zodiac signs, will fully feel the influence of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. This aspect of the planet can help us understand the details of every life situation, to detect lies and inequitable matters.

This period of Mercury retrograde helps us correct ourselves when we react to situations without thinking. It is a moment of clarity and lucidity for everyone.

Mercury Becomes Retrograde for the 2nd Time This Year from May 31 to June 21 (Gemini)

Mercury is the governing planet of Gemini, so this retrograde transit might hit Gemini harder than the other zodiac signs and make their daily life more hectic and erratic.

The people born in the Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces signs will have a difficult time dealing with different situations in their lives and remain composed – chaos will be present in their daily routine. It brings confusion and ambiguities.

The positive aspects :

  • We understand at a deep level the spiritual issues and life lessons, analyzing the past (especially the change that occurred in 2021 for humankind).
  • Mercury in Gemini inspires more tact, diplomacy, and discretion in communication.
  • In the love/sentimental life, we tend to confess our feelings.
  • Sharpened intuition, inclination towards the psychological, spiritual, or creative side of life.

The challenging aspects of Mercury in Gemini:

  • Painful memories, family-related traumas, and spiritual issues will occur, demanding to be cured.
  • We become too emotional and sensible.
  • Our thinking can be fluctuating, moody.
  • We tend to live more in the past, from memories, facing accentuated states of nostalgia.

You also need to know that the Mercury penumbra period in May can be more troublesome than the retrograde motion itself because, during this time, Mercury will resurface all the things that we need to rectify in our lives.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra: From September 28 to October 16

Since Libra governs the engagements, Mercury retrograde in this zodiac sign will analyze, disrupt, or bless any soul engagement.

Also, Libra speaks about righteousness, equality, justice, compromises, diplomacy, while Mercury retrograde will bring to our attention all these matters.

This period can be a bit more difficult, so try to avoid conflicts, aggressive communication, and promote kindness.

It will also affect the people born in Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. For the others, the influence of Mercury retrograde has a personal impact on the life domain where Libra and Scorpio signs reside. The Gemini and Virgos are in the center of attention since we talk about the retrograde motion of their astral leader. 


In conclusion, Mercury retrograde 2021 will cause important changes for all zodiac signs, and the effects will be both negative and positive. Everything depends on the choices that will make.

Taking a deep breath, shaking off the drama and reminding ourselves that we possess the power to accomplish virtually anything to which we apply ourselves, is an important meditation.

Mercury retrograde is only difficult when you try to continue moving forward when you should be going backwards! Miscommunications, fuzzy thinking and attention to detail, and computer / car breakdowns are the norm. But a good rule of thumb with any retrograde motion is to think of the “re” as “reexamine”, “redo”, “reflect” and “review”, “revisit”. That usually means having to sloooow dooown.

Like everything in life, a little preparedness and willingness to accept the inevitable, is all that is required to weather the Mercury Retrograde Storm, Shadow and Mercury Retrograde itself.

So, in closing I would submit that there are three things that are certain in life:

  • Death
  • Taxes
  • Mercury Retrograde