Mercury Retrograde 2021 in Libra

Mercury Retrograde in Libra: From September 28 to October 16

On September 28, 2021, we have the sign of balance and harmony, Libra, hosting Mercury’s backward trek. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, we could view this one as the long conference between Mercury and Venus. Remember Venus is going to do her backward travel starting in October as well.

Libra seeks solutions that are fair and just. It is a sign that insists on harmony and cooperation, remember Libra is often the sign that is slow to enter a partnership of any kind because they have a long checklist of what needs to be and happen in these relationship undertakings prior to committing. Libra is also about the arts and creating beauty, this might be an excellent time to focus on speaking and communicating with those values in mind.

mercury retrograde 2021 dates and calendar

This is the third and final Mercury retrograde period for the year.

The final Mercury Retrograde from 2021 takes place in the sign of Libra for relationships and Love. Relationships tend to come to the forefront and you want to communicate clearly, remember it isn’t what you say it is what is heard. Make sure that what you are trying to get across does get understood. Libra, we sometimes forget, is the mediator and moderator, who likes to stir things up. They do not like discord but don’t mind creating a whirlwind around them once in a while, just for entertainment mind you. So watch out for the prankster in Libra

What this period is great for …

The key prefix for Mercury retrograde periods listed above is RE. That is redo, revise, revamp, and reconnect as well as all action words that can have the prefix added plus, of course, my favorite, REPAIR. Mercury is also paperwork thus it is a great time to haul out that manuscript, proposal, the Last Will you have been meaning to deal with, and other documents and go over them with a fine-toothed comb and polish these up. Naturally, these should not be signed until Mercury is acting normal again; after the last date for each period.

The stay of Mercury in each sign has a stronger influence on our lives. In a nutshell, we are about rolling up our sleeves and taking care of practical issues in our lives. Sorting these things out so that we are ready to embrace the two Mercury in Fire years when we have the opportunity to become inspired to pursue our dreams and higher goals.


Retrograde Mercury from September 2021 forces you to reconsider some recently adopted decisions or attitudes. Possible contradictions, surprises, or extraordinary events in the relations between the couple’s partners or between the parties involved in a conflict; one of the possible hypostases would be to change the mind of a partner whose justification will be difficult to understand.


As for you, this retrograde period will introduce reluctance or delays or the desire to verify and reformulate the claims or position adopted towards life and/or business partners formulated recently, especially if those were made on the merits. conflicts.


Mercury in seemingly retrograde motion will give rise to renunciations, revisions of opinion so that the discussions started a few weeks ago, which seemed to be heading towards a happy ending, will be delayed. There is also a good part in this transit, which will last until the beginning of December: it will allow a deepening of the elements of legality presupposed by an agreement, a contract, an association, or even a marriage.


The period between September 28 and October 16 could allow the withdrawal of promises, the abandonment of last-minute solutions for real reasons (the need for approvals, consultations, obtaining opinions) or subjective, the rethinking of people whose will depends on solving a money case (salary, allowance, pension, scholarship, compensation, aid).


Mercury retrograde in Libra will introduce, for three weeks, a necessary reluctance in sentimental attachments, especially in those that happened too suddenly; you will be given the opportunity to analyze yourself and your loved ones.


Virgos will resume, for three weeks, a matter related to documents, official documents, or a contract of sale, purchase, rental.


You will have to be more cautious, more circumspect, and more eager to correlate the actions you take with the legal framework that governs them. In the next three weeks, you can submit your file to participate in selections, judgments, awards or you can sign up for different types of professional knowledge verification to obtain diplomas and certificates.


Mercury RX will bring back the old, unresolved, money problems, or put you in a position to redo some calculations to see to what extent you can still honor the promises or ongoing projects.


It will instill in you a healthy need to reflect more when you have to decide on a problem, to get involved. There will be three weeks in which it is recommended that you review your decisions.


The last 2021 Mercury Retrograde favors confusion about the direction you should go in a matter that contains many secrets, riddles, or truths that cannot be told out loud.


Mercury RX in Libra introduces a note of doubt or distrust towards a friend. You will want to nuance your promises made to acquaintances after a careful inner analysis or following information that has revealed a different face of their intentions.


It will give you the opportunity to analyze, for three weeks from now, a professional offer that was made to you some time ago or to consider an alternative to the position you are in now from the point of view of social view and on which you postponed to comment.