Virgo May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun starts out May 2018 in your solar second of money and personal values. Powerful Pluto, the planet of long lasting changes, in your solar fourth of domestic matters urges you to clean out the clutter and get rid of unwanted items.

This can include an outmoded way of thinking. With the sextile between the Sun and Pluto the first 1st would be an excellent time for this.

Another sextile between Sun and Moon in your solar twelfth could effect positive, spiritual communications. Out of the way places are best for steals and deals at thrift shops and flea markets.

Another fortunate trine between the Sun, in your financial second and Uranus in your work sixth could indicate an unexpected job offer that could be the opportunity to increase your revenues.

The New Moon on the 9th signals an advantageous time to act on money making prospects. The 2nd of the month is a great time for shopping sprees when Mercury, in your money sector, sextiles Venus in you solar twelfth.

Mercury, your ruler, in your solar third after May 5th places the emphasis on communications and educational pursuits, along with the Sun when it enters that sector of your chart on May 23rd.

Mercury comes up against a series of stressful aspects starting with the opposition to Jupiter warning you to avoid exaggeration in communications.

The 14th sees an erratic square from Mercury to Uranus in your solar sixth. Don’t believe all the news or gossip you hear at work. Being off center may actually give you the edge necessary to cope with unsettling changes.

Another opposition involving Saturn this time follows on May 16th. Limitations and loss can block forward movement of a favored project. Shy away from signing papers and documents then.

Venus in your solar first finds you charismatic and charming as you take center stage after the 7th. A stressful square between Venus and Pluto indicates a little “green-eyed monster” rears its ugly head on May 18th as relatives may pout in a jealous intensity.

Soothe ruffled feathers, but don’t allow your feelings to be manipulated. Loving bonds and affectionate ties can deepen when Venus trines Saturn on the 24th.

Romance and travel mix well on the 9th when Venus trines Jupiter from your ninth of long distance travel. Romance also sizzles on the 17th when Mars, in the romance fifth, in turn, trines Jupiter in your solar ninth.

Maybe a romantic encounter could present itself during an out of town workshop or seminar.

Uranus and Neptune in your solar sixth of work assume direct motion this month on the 23rd and 13th respectively. Work and health matters will proceed in a more forward motion now.

Work situations and co-workers can seem weird and unreliable. Don’t take any risks or gambles when Jupiter squares Neptune on the 11th.