Taurus May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Even normally placid and indolent Taureans may be inspired to get off the couch this month with the Sun transiting your sixth of physical activities and work interests.

An easy going sextile between Sun and Pluto, from your solar eighth could give you the opportunity to get the financial support you’ve been seeking for a new work project.

Another blessed sextile on the May 4th could bring a job offer that will give you the opportunity to work from the home, always a pleasant thought for home loving, domesticated Bulls.

Making money and from the sweet retreat of your own home, could this be Heaven! Start new projects on the New Moon on the 9th, in this case, a regimen of physical fitness may be on your mind.

The usual advise about watching rich food and indulging in excessive drink apply. You know the drill.

Mercury remains in your solar sixth, along with the Sun, until May 5th. After that it moves into your solar seventh, where the focal point will be partnership issues and one on one dealings.

The 2nd would be a good time for business and enjoyable opportunities when Mercury sextiles Venus, your ruling planet. When the Sun moves into your solar seventh, the emphasis will shift to partnership issues.

Learning the wisdom of give and take on May 24th, the Full Moon day, will serve you well and strengthen ties with loved ones. Mercury receives a series of minor irritating aspects in your solar seventh making negotiations difficult with partners.

A nice trine from the Sun to Uranus, in your solar tenth, on the 6th, could bring a chance to shine at work, like a bolt from the blue.

Venus has occupation of your solar fifth of fun, games and pleasurable pursuits after the seventh, bringing you abundant chances to enjoy romance and socializing; if single you could hook up with someone with whom you share a lot of ideals and common ground.

Jupiter in your solar first house makes you appear confident and assured, such characteristics are sure to be put to good use on the 9th with a lucky trine from Venus in your solar fifth.

Love is in the air. Don’t spoil it with jealousy and possessiveness on May 18th when Venus makes a nasty square to power hungry Pluto in your solar eighth. Someone may be using money to manipulate your loving feelings.

Make sure you aren’t the guilty party Another advantageous trine to Saturn, in your solar first house, could stabilize romantic commitments. Love could turn serious now.

Mars in your solar ninth energizes travel and educational matters. Luck comes from Jupiter in the form of a trine with Mars on May 17th.

Editors, lawyers, and publishers can be easy to deal with and have a touch of fortune for you at this time. Business opportunities can be iffy at best as Uranus and Neptune transit your solar tenth.

Both planets turn direct this month. Uranus on the 23rd, and Neptune on the 13th. Put your intuition to work regarding a business endeavor, it will be back on track now. Uranus in the tenth inspires and infuriates all at the same time.

Stay calm and stay flexible.