Scorpio May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Your contact with confidential matters and behind the scenes activities will increase this month with the Sun in your solar twelfth. You may find yourself cultivating your own solitude and enjoying the Hermit’s life, at least for a little while.

Scorpio’s normally keep their own counsel and reveal very little anyway. So this month should be right up your alley, as the saying goes.

With a magnificent sextile from the Sun to Pluto, your ruler, in the financial second on the first , you could benefit from a wise investment tip.

Likewise the second is a good day for confidential business matters to reach fruition with the Moon in your business tenth sextiling the Sun in your solar twelfth.

The New Moon on May 9th in your solar twelfth urges you to take advantage of this time for quiet contemplation and getting in touch with your inner Scorpion.

Mercury starts out the month in your solar twelfth, along with the Sun, but moves into the limelight and your solar first on the 5th. Business contacts are helpful when Mercury sextiles Venus on the 2nd. Mercury experiences a series of stressful aspects this month.

Early in the morning of the 6th, Mercury squares Neptune, your communication skills, especially with family, could be vague and indefinite. May 24th finds a jangling square to Uranus.

You could be offbeat and unconventional much to others irritation. The 16th sees an opposition to Saturn in your solar seventh. Partners are gloomy and dour. But why should you care?

You’ll be a silver tongued “angel” with Mars entering Capricorn and your solar third of communications.

Venus enters your solar eleventh of clubs and social groups on May 7th. Look for pleasurable times as friends are fun and affectionate. They love you! They really love you! single and looking Scorpios could meet some likely prospects for romance when Venus trines Jupiter, in your solar seventh, on the 9th.

Venus also trines Saturn on the 24th, a romantic commitment could deepen into a serious attachment. Venus squaring Pluto, on the 18th, could see some of the famous Scorpio jealousy and possessiveness mar an otherwise nice day. Remember money isn’t power, it’s just money.

Meanwhile, go get ‘um Mars enters your solar third on the May 16th and promptly settles down to business with a nice trine to Jupiter on the 17th. Use this time for a romantic get away with your special sweetie.

Taking a course of study or a quick out of town trip would also be fortunate.

Uranus and Neptune, in your solar forth, of home and family, assume direct motion on the 23rd and 13th respectively. Look for any home projects or family problems to proceed more smoothly now.

But bear in mind that family members will still likely be both distracting and disarming. Avoid real estate or property gambles on the 11th when a deceptive square occurs between Jupiter and nebulous Neptune.