Sagittarius May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun in your solar eleventh this month could find the archers arrows aimed at group and club activities and happy socializing with friends and companions.

A pleasant sextile between Sun and Pluto in your solar first could bring out your leadership potential; your organizational skills will be in top form and duly noted.

The Moon in Leo in your solar ninth makes a sextile to the Sun on the 4th of the month; a good time to enjoy a visit with friends at a distance or to take a trip with close associates.

The Sun trines Uranus in your solar third on May 6th, look for interesting and exciting changes in your neighborhood. An exciting new acquaintance may catch your eye then.

The 2nd would also be a good day to aim your arrows of amour when Mercury sextiles Venus will find you especially appealing.

Mercury enters your solar twelfth on the 5th and the Sun follows on May 23rd slowing down the club and social activities routine. Every sign goes through a period each year, for about one month, when it goes through the twelfth house experience.

A time of quiet retrospection and meditation. You need time alone to regroup and recharge your mental and physical batteries. You’ll also need the rest time to prepare you for the upswing in activity that occurs when the Sun enters your solar first next month.

For now however, Mercury in your solar twelfth experiences a few challenging aspects starting with the square to Neptune on the 6th. Don’t believe all you hear, the onslaught continues with Mercury’s square to Uranus on May 14th.

Machinery and appliances turn on you. Watch for computer malfunctions.

Machines really are alive you know, and they’re plotting against you. The opposition to Saturn on the 14th could see a few of you down in the dumps. Relax and don’t get carried away.

Later Mars enters your solar second and money making possibilities abound. The 17th blesses you with a fortunate trine between Mars and Jupiter. A job promotion could be in order. Maybe a new, innovative technique comes along that can make your job a whole lot easier.

Venus enters your solar tenth on May 7th. Your charisma and charm will get you recognized. This may be the shot in the arm your career needs right now, especially on the 9th when Venus trining Jupiter in your solar sixth brings you enjoyment in employment.

The trend continues on May 24th when Venus trines Saturn in your solar sixth as well. Job and career outlook continues to be pleasant and stable.

Uranus and Neptune in your solar third assume direct motion on the 23rd and 13th respectively. Look for communications and neighborhood concerns to proceed more smoothly now.

Avoid getting suckered in by a con man’s pitch on the 11th when too-much-is-never-enough Jupiter squares fraudulent Neptune.