Pisces May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

You’ll be given an opportunity to explore some of life’s more complex mysteries as the Sun transits your solar eighth house this month.

The eighth has rulership over an odd assortment of various matters including shared financial resources, investments, jointly held money, mortgages and your personal sexuality.

The beginning of the month would be a great time to apply for a loan or to seek financial backing with a fortunate sextile between the Sun and Pluto in your solar tenth. Have fun with friends in the evening.

Take a gamble on May 6th, a fortunate trine from Sun to Uranus could be lucky for you. With the Moon in Leo in your solar sixth house in a opportunistic sextile with the Sun on the 4th your productivity soars. Your financial advantage could be realized now.

Mercury moves into your solar ninth on the 5th of the month, joined by the Sun on May 23rd. The focus and highlight now turns to educational matters, travel, in-laws and matters at a distance.

You’ll be agreeable about shared resources and revenues on May 2nd when Mercury sextiles Venus in your solar sixth. Co-workers are pleasant and work proceeds harmoniously.

Mercury spoils things a bit this month by making a series of challenging aspects, most are irritating at best. The fun starts on the 6th with an early morning square to Neptune.

Watch you tongue today. Don’t take anyone into your confidence, especially the local blabber mouth. May 14th sees a square between Mercury and Uranus in your solar twelfth.

People in seclusion or solitude are oddly rebellious and disobedient. Don’t ask about nothing, you just might get the truth. The opposition to Saturn occurs on the 16th in your solar third.

Communications can be dull and uninspired. Explain all you want, someone just won’t grasp what you’re trying to say.

Venus transits over to your solar seventh on May 7th bringing with it happiness and harmony in partnerships and one on one relations. Venus trines Jupiter on the 9th as you and a very agreeable companion take a romantic get away together and feel the glow of love just like new again.

Another beneficial trine to Saturn on May 24th could solidify love ties and many may plan their wedding at this time. Just watch jealous outbursts on the 18th when friends can seem petty and back biting. Give it a few days, it will pass.

Your solar eleventh of social activities and friends will be energized after the 16th with the presence of dynamic Mars. Watch for plum social invitations and gala events when Mars trines Jupiter on the 17th.

Neptune, your ruler, goes direct on May 13th. Your more meditative side can emerge now. Uranus goes direct on the 23rd making you rebellious against the cloistered world you may now occupy. Patience.

You still have much to learn and accomplish. Be careful of the deception presented with the iron fist in a velvet glove when Jupiter squares deceptive Neptune.