Libra May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun in your solar first house heightens your personal appeal and charisma. Personal plans get the green light now as everyone notices your leadership capabilities.

With an excellent aspect between the Sun and Pluto, on the first, in your solar third, your communication skills will be at their peak. On May 4th, the Moon in Leo, in your solar eleventh, in sextile to the Sun, enhances your leadership qualities.

A group you are involved in will look favorable upon you at this time. Look for romantic possibilities to bloom when the Sun, in your solar first until the 23rd, makes a harmonious trine to Uranus on May 6th, in your solar 5th of fun, games and romance.

Committed couples can also feel the glow and brilliant children can make you beam. The New Moon on the 9th falls right in your solar first; new ventures will get an excellent start now with your attractiveness and appeal at a pinnacle.

Mercury moves into your solar second as of May 5th. Your financial interests will be on your mind and the subject of a lot of discussions.

With Mercury making a few annoying aspects this month can find you up against a wall with others. Starting with the opposition to Jupiter on the 6th.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, credit wise or other. Another rattling square to Uranus on the 14th, a too-good-to-be-true idea is just that, better pass on that one.

Mercury opposite Saturn on the 16th warns us to take care of nagging responsibilities and keep expenses up to date. The Sun joins this sector after the 23rd, placing the focus and highlight on financial matters.

Don’t go overboard with spending today.

Look for romance and committed love to blossom and deepen in private, quiet solitude with Venus in your solar twelfth, after the 7th. Cherish private moments that lead to intimacy.

The 8th could see Cupid’s arrows flying when Venus, your ruler of love, trines Jupiter in your solar eighth house. The eighth rules sexual intimacy as well as shared credit and resources.

Your sociability is at a happy max as is your charisma and appeal. Make the most of an especially fortunate aspect. Later in the month, on the 24th, Venus trines Saturn also from your eighth.

Romance, for those eligible, could culminate into a serious commitment. For those already spoken for, this steadfast trine could a bring new realization of how deep and loyal our ties are.

However, an intense square to Pluto on the 18th can cause ruffled feathers to fly. Jealousy is a four letter word.

Home and family matters will be the focus of your energy and attention after the 16th when forceful Mars enters your solar forth.

Maybe a good time for loans and mortgages would be at the trine of Mars to Jupiter on the 17th, if your credit isn’t already overextended with Jupiter in your solar eighth.

Maybe a debt consolidation loan is order. Watch gambling and don’t get carried away with a “sure thing” when Jupiter squares Neptune on the morning of May 11th. Excesses of any kind could backfire on you, don’t over indulge.