Leo May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

All sorts of communication interests come to the fore this month as the Sun, your ruling planet, transits your solar third house. Mental activities and neighborhood interests are the focus at this time.

Pursue creative interests on May 1st. Also a good time to take in some local color.

Your ideas can be impressive and effective on the 4th as the Moon, in your sigh, sextiles the Sun in your solar third of communications. The New Moon on the 9th can benefit your educational interests and correspondence.

Mercury in your solar 3rd, in favorable aspect to Venus on May2nd could find your charm and charisma at a high point now. The 20th, with the Moon making a few nice flowing aspects, could see cozy couples as happy and agreeable as two lovebirds.

Moon in your solar eighth signals an opportunity for such couples to sign important papers and documents. When Sun opposes Jupiter on the 23rd, keep your sense of prespective and a skeptical outlook.

Family and home interests will be highlighted after the 23rd when the Sun enters your solar fourth realm of domestic concerns. Minor set backs in home and family matters can occur on the 24th, the Full Moon day.

Some adverse minor aspects involving Mercury in your solar fourth after the 5th can indicate stressful communications with relatives. An opposition between Mercury and Jupiter on the 6th warns you to be cautious with home repairs. Estimates for work could get excessive.
On the 14th, a nerve wracking squares occurs between Mercury and Uranus. Watch out for squabbles and mis-communications with partners. Mercury opposing Saturn on May 16th dampens effective talks. Be wary of signing documents at that time.

Venus moves into your solar second of finances and personal resources after the 7th, placing the focus on monetary issues. Shopping trops are productive now and you find easy, pleasant ways to enhance your revenues.

Especially on the 9th when Venus trines Jupiter in your solar tenth. An excellent time to seek a raise in salary or some other kind of financial compensation. Venus trine Saturn on May 24th, the Full Moon day, in your solar tenth as well, could improve your career status.

Work conditions may stabilize now and opportunities will present themselves for you to advance. Another fantastic business opportunity could present itself to you on the 17th, with a fortunate trine from Mars in your solar sixth of work to Jupiter in your business tenth.

This month marks the return to direct motion of Uranus and Neptune, both in your solar seventh, on May 23rd and 13th respectively. Partnership and one on one relationships will proceed more smoothly now.

A square between Jupiter and neptune on the 11th raises unrealistic expectations. Don’t fall for a scheme–come back down to Earth.