Capricorn May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Ambitious Capricorn’s, and what other kind is there?–should really enjoy this month as the Sun transits your solar tenth house of career and status.

The Sun sextiles Pluto in your solar twelfth on the first enhancing confidential business matters. A fortunate sextile between Moon in your solar eighth of others resources and the Sun could lead to financial support for a pet project you’ve been considering.

New business ventures augur well on the 9th with the New Moon. Favorable reactions from authority figures is assured on May 2nd when Mercury, also in your solar tenth, sextiles Venus in your solar eighth.

Favors can be granted now. After the 5th, Mercury moves into your solar eleventh and your social life and good times accelerate.

The Sun joins this sector after May 23rd, enhancing your involvement with friends, possibly in group or club activities.

Mercury makes a series of stressful aspects this month that could strain relations with friends. The square to Neptune on the 6th advises you to proceed cautiously in financial matters, even if the greatest tip in the world comes from your best friend.

Another square to Uranus on May 14th can cause machinery to go haywire and you may need to shell out extra bucks for necessary repairs.

The saga continues with an opposition to Saturn on the 16th, as you fumble for words to express yourself. Your love life seems dull and lackluster.

Chin-up, things are looking better as Venus enters your solar ninth. A long distance romance has positive prospects. As does a church retreat or seminar.

Venus enjoys a trine to Jupiter in your solar fifth on May 9th. Love abounds. Celebrate, do something special. By the 24th, those in committed relationships can realize the depth of their loving feelings.

Enjoy happy relations with loved ones and children who are especially pleasant to be around.

Energetic Mars in your solar first can stimulate your personal interests and fire you up to go after what you want. This certainly helps add to the ambitious tone of the month.

Uranus and Neptune go direct on May 23rd and 13th respectively. Financial projects get the green light now. But a deceptive square between overly indulgent Jupiter and flim-flam Neptune, warns you to be cautious in financial dealings on the 11th.

Even if the advise comes from your sweet one and only.