March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

March of 2021 is full of surprises for all the zodiac signs. The events happen quickly, people change their minds overnight, nothing seems certain anymore, and time has no patience.

Towards the end of March, it is imperative not to be hasty in drawing conclusions.

Things must be well thought out and weighed before making important decisions.

There is a risk to react impulsively, to be misunderstood, or to interpret wrong what others want to tell us. Patience is our saving grace!

ARIES 03.21 – 04.20

This month is dominated by ambitions and personal goals, the professional life being at the maximum point since March 20.

You will also enjoy many financial opportunities, but in love, you might hit the jackpot.

TAURUS 04.21 – 05.21

The professional side is well-represented, but not as well as the romantic life, which is at its peak.

Spiritually, a visible improvement occurs, and this will encourage you to focus more on your personal goals.

GEMINI 05.22 – 06.21

In terms of career, the situation will change for the better, new advancement opportunities occurring, but the financial aspect, unfortunately, will be in regress.

Pay special attention to your couple’s life – Mercury and Jupiter will form a coalition and put spokes in your wheel!

CANCER 06.22 – 07.22

The energetic presence of Mars enlightens the house of humanitarian activities and groups.

The Cancers will socialize more than usual, attend fundraisings successfully, and help many people by volunteering in various forms.

The New Moon from March 13 will open a new chapter in the professional life of Cancers. Cancer’s house of professional and social achievements is full of energy.

The New Moon in Aries suggests an important entrepreneurial project, which is in the incipient phase. The project has more chances to take place after the completion of this lunar phase.

Pluto is the one emphasizing a difficult partner, a competitor at the workplace of Cancers. The Cancers should not underestimate these people.

LEO 07.23 – 08. 22

Maybe you can do something to make things a bit easier regarding your monthly installments, better dealing with your expenses, and having some money for fun.

You will save some money for a lovely weekend up in the mountains, or visit some friends, and recover both physically and mentally.

VIRGO 08.23 – 09.22

Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, will be in conjunction with Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, during the same period when the New Moon rises in Pisces, starting from March 13.

The entrepreneurial Virgos seem to be successful. The New Moon in Pisces opens the path of the house of capital, of cash flow.

The Virgos can “play” with an infusion of risky capital, pay an exorbitant short-term insurance policy, or receive an inheritance.

LIBRA 09.23 – 10.22

The most favored Libra people now are those who are married or who are involved in a stable relationship.

Now is the moment for most Libras to decide if they want to enter into a partnership, to choose a new partner for their business. The New Moon in Pisces supports the long-term connections of Libras.

SCORPIO 10.23 – 11.21

Until March 22, some family issues might keep you stressed out, but fortunately, with the help of your lover, you will manage to overcome them. The romantic life, in turn, is at its peak, and it is not out of the question to increase your family size soon.

SAGITTARIUS 11.22 – 12.21

Social intelligence is essential during this month if you want to achieve your professional goals.

Saturn will influence your financial situation and will determine you to work even more. It is why, after March 20, love gets complicated.

CAPRICORN 12.22 – 01.19

Maybe you will buy some home décor, and if it is possible, make sure you pay it up in installments, so you don’t spend all the money at once.

You succeed in anything that has to do with documents and exams, you solve some matters that hold you in place, and you also receive a helping hand from your acquaintances.

AQUARIUS 01.20 – 02.18

Perhaps you will reconsider the relationship with some of your friends, so you don’t give up on them, but see each other in certain conditions.

Maybe you will start a new professional adventure and be delighted with the results and this enthusiasm that will accompany you throughout the project.

PISCES 02.19 – 03. 20

You will gain more money because, perhaps, you will work additionally and have some partnerships, if time allows it.

You may start new projects that will highlight all the qualities that you didn’t have the opportunity to show, and you will reinvent yourself – it is a good time for your career.

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